Carsten Thiel Joins EUSA Pharma In A Bid To Foster Its Growth And Expansion


The pharmaceutical industry is filled with very many people who have numerous certifications and are said to have attended the best schools in the world therefore it is a great milestone when someone is able to make it big in the industry. That is exactly what the Carsten Thiel, an alumnus of the University of Bristol has done.

Carsten Thiel started visualizing his rise to the top over 25 years ago. He then started laying the foundations of his career when he was in Malbrook, Germany, his native country, where he studied chemistry.

Mr. Thiel’s passion for pharmaceuticals prompted him to study even further. His burning desire to achieve more has truly yielded a lot of benefits as he is currently a holder of a PhD in Molecular Biology.

Carsten possesses impeccable skills, a rich education background and vast experience and for this reason very many companies want him on their team. This particular fight between giant pharmaceutical firms seems to have been won by EUSA Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company whose operations spans across the globe.

EUSA Pharma recently made several changes to their senior management team. The changes included the appointment of Carsten Thiel as the President of EUSA Pharma Europe and Darrel Cohen as the Head of Clinical Development.

Darrel Cohen, is a renowned oncologist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Before joining EUSA Pharma, Darrel was the Vice President of Pfizer Global Oncology Organization. Mr. Cohen played an active role in the development of multiple oncology products like SUTENT while he was working at Pfizer. It is evident that he is very skilled in the field and is the right candidate to take up the position he has been appointed to.

He worked at Hoffman La Roche and Alexion Pharmaceuticals, two great firms in the pharmaceuticals industry, it is evident that Mr. Thiel will also bring something unique to EUSA Pharma.


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