Reviewing And Improving Energy Law In Africa With Alec Sellem


Alec Sellem is a human rights activist in London and mining specialist has been asked by the United Nations to discuss the state of the energy law in Africa – and work on solutions to improve it.

In an article with Geeks News entitled, “Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining With Alec Sellem”; Sellem discussed artisanal and small-scale mining differs from large scale mining primarily with lower levels of investment and less use of mechanization and its overall effectiveness and possible solutions to protect human rights.

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) is an area of interest for Sellem as well as the laws in place and their effectiveness in protecting human rights and the environment.

ASM differs from large scale mining in the sense that local communities provide most of the labor and there is less use of mechanics. ASM provides 20% of gold, 20% of diamonds and 80% of sapphires worldwide.

Issues that need to be resolved to make ASM sustainable for both the investors and the communities they employ include educating the workforce and improving the water, power and roads before starting work in a location. While ASM can provide jobs and alleviate much of the poverty in many of these geographic areas, many of the health and environmental practices are not up to par. Pollution from the mining into natural resources of the communities is a concern.

As there is no one size fits all solution because the geographic/demographic areas are so different, Alec Sellem will be working to customize the technology to meet human rights and environmental needs. He will be working to determine the effectiveness of the current energy laws and possible solutions to customize them to African nations.

Alec Sellem works closely with his business and trade partners in Africa from his company, Sellem Industries. “It was an honor to be asked by the Paris 2 Pantheon Sorbonne University and the United Nations to discuss the current state of energy law in Africa and possible solutions to improve it,” Sellem said.


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