Equity First Holdings Australia (Pty) Ltd. Opens New Melbourne, Australia Offices

Equity First Holdings is a highly distinguished financial solutions provider with an ever-growing global presence. This company has come a long way since it first opened doors to customers in 2002 to now being ranked as among the top alternative shareholder financing solutions firm and reputable global lender.

New Offices Opened

As of 2019, Equity First Holdings was a successful venture capital firm with offices in far-flung business cities like Hong Kong, U.S, China, and in the U.K. A few years back, on the 14th of November 2016 to be exact, this award-winning alternative financing Solutions Company opened new offices in Melbourne Australia.

According to Marketwired.com, the newly set up Equity First Holdings offices are located at the very heart of the Australian Capital, Melbourne for eased accessibility by all. The address is at Level 2, 287 Collins St, Melbourne Australia 3000, contacts; +61-3-8688-7191

Bright Future

Marketwired.com spoke to Equities First Holdings (AUS) Pty Ltd., Managing Director, Mitchell Hopwood at the event. Mitchell sounded optimistic of the continued growth of his company in Australia, more so after the creation of larger and better office spaces at the capital.

About Equities First Holdings Australia (Pty) Ltd

The global lender has orchestrated well over 700 transactions with a net value of over $1.4B. Those transactions have involved the provision of capital against a publicly traded stock by high net worth clients and companies around the world. Visit Equity First Holdings for competitive alternative financing solutions.

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