J.D.com has expanded its business model. J.D chain now will provide top of the line underlying blockchain framework as a service to its customer base. This grand open is just part of J.D.com growth recently. Previous, J.D.com launched a block chain open platform technology. This technology allows companies to tap into pre-built API’s through there own business. Customer will have the ability to build quality solutions, of their own design in a bottom to top format. No longer will business have to rely on pre-built API’s. As J.D.com expands it business model, the need for Open Source community has grown. J.D.com has also launched it own community source. Now customer’s of J.D.com will be able to access more resources from other blockchain developers with their newly created Open Source Community. With this technology at its client’s fingertips, J.D.com has provided state of the art block chain technologies for their customer base.

Companies under the J.D.com umbrella will become more productive and have the ability to enhance their overall performance with secure block chain technologies. This upgrade in technology will allow it customer to improve performance is 5 key area, data storage, API’s, data ledger, cryptographic algorithms and consensus protocols. This will allow the block chain provider to have a reach of thousands of transactions per seconds, which is great for their customer base. Their clients will also see a reduction of the time required in research and development. It will lower cost tremendously for their clients buy upgrading to these new technologies. J.D.com has created a toolkit that makes it easy for their customers to have access to this technology. The tool kit is comprised of SDK, Data Tools, Config Management and Service Monitoring. J.D.com has set the standard for what you can improved upon within the block chain community. This will force it competitors to up their level of quality and efficiency in order to remain competitive in the block chain world.

With greater and more advance security J.D.com will continue to expand upon it every growing network of block chain. This will allow for a more enjoyable experience for their clients. As part of their security apparatus, J.D.com implemented block chain tracing for more than 700 brands and 50,000 SKU’s platforms. The level of quality is more than what their clients could ever hope for. J.D.com has position itself to dominate the block chain market for years to com.

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