Dan Bethelmy-Rada Advocates for Wholesome Natural Products

Consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing every day. They are becoming more inclined to products from natural ingredients and in a natural way. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the global brand president for Matrix, is advocating for 100% natural products. He led his company towards R.A.W an approach geared towards producing wholesome natural products.

The approach came from the realization that there is a high demand for wholesome natural products globally. Consumers are more attracted to products which have been produced and packaged naturally. Therefore, Matrix vowed to embrace production methods that have minimal impact on the surroundings. The R.A.W approach is supported by L’Oréal – a company that places prominence in the production of beauty products. The main goal of the company is to offer products that have an outstanding performance and zero impact on the environment.

According to president Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the formula used to manufacture product rely on natural ingredients. These ingredients are biodegradable and are free of sulfates, silicone, and parabens. The approach is handled carefully to ensure that it is in line with the principles of green chemistry. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and other experts are keen to ensure the whole cycle is natural – from the beginning to the end of the process.

Matrix gets its ingredients from minerals, plants, and seaweeds. Fungi and honey are the main ingredients in every process. Besides, the products are also packaged naturally. The whole process is in line with the principles of green chemistry. Hair conditioner and shampoo bottles are made of entirely recycled plastics.

However, there are challenges associated with the natural production approach. The main challenge is the cost associated with sourcing and storing natural products. Ensuring that products adhere to natural production criteria from sourcing to packaging incurs huge costs. The firm has to invest in a team that researches to conduct a couple of tests. All this is done to verify that the products match L’Oréal quality standards. Unfortunately, such tests incur a lot of costs which is passed to the consumer.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, sourcing natural ingredients is a daunting task. Natural clay gets contaminated quickly. Therefore, the firm must invest on a particular transportation container than compromising its naturalness.

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