Bhanu Choudhrie: The Successful Business Professional and Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie is a skilled entrepreneur. He is also a revered business professional with extensive experience in business management. Over the years, Bhanu has mastered the art of leadership in business. He is aware of the challenges an individual can encounter in the process of establishing a business. Therefore, he familiarizes himself with various issues affecting society. In his opinion, it’s essential to take up progressive education based on the subject. He reiterates that it’s also vital to keep updating oneself on what’s happening internationally as it plays a role in helping an individual to see as well as create new opportunities. Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi.

He has established a career via his service as an investor, philanthropist, as well as the founder of Alpha Group. He oversees investments in various sectors such as healthcare, utilities, hospitality, in addition to banking. His investment policies help to incubate new companies to drive mature business in order to reach their goals. Bhanu is an alumnus of Boston College. He specialized in international business and marketing. He then enrolled at Harvard School of Business for a management program.

Bhanu has helped businesses to develop. At Alpha Group, the firm has developed an extensive investment portfolio. He has since developed an excellent reputation for excellent investments in various emerging markets, including India in addition to the Philippines. Bhanu Choudhrie has also served as an executive in several boards.

In the US, Bhanu Choudhrie works as a board of director and contributes to the executive and risk management committee for Bancorp. When serving in different companies, he received several awards following his input to the community not only as an entrepreneur but a philanthropist. As such, in 2008, Bhanu was recognized for his role in helping people who aspire to acquire education.

Bhanu’s family started to invest in real estate more than 30 years ago. His father founded a company that exported televisions in the 70s. He has since followed in his footsteps. For Bhanu, setting up a business that had various elements of interest was natural. He is focused on expanding the capital and market base of every company he has worked in.

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