Dick DeVos Continues Work As Grand Rapids Grows

Dick DeVos is one of the most well-known people in the state of Michigan. As the former owner of an NBA Franchise as well as the former CEO of the Amway corporation, DeVos is no stranger to being in the public spotlight. However, recently, Dick DeVos saw his wife, Betsy DeVos, become the Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. As a result, Dick DeVos and the rest of his family was catapulted to a new level of acclaim. With more people than ever curious as to their work, we felt it necessary to go back to the roots of the DeVos family ascent in the political world.


In the early ’90s, Grand Rapids was still a finding its rhythm in the state of Michigan. As a burgeoning town in a state that had seen troubles, Dick DeVos knew that Grand Rapids couldn’t afford to get caught up in an albatross of a public contract. At the time, there were rumors going around that a new convention center was going to be built in the city. Michigan’s other great city, Detroit, had fallen on hard times due to the fact that they had multiple convention centers abandoned by their pro teams. DeVos knew that Grand Rapids couldn’t survive the failed project, and so he started the Grand Action Group.


The Grand Action Group was a collection of Grand Rapids business officials who wanted to help direct the city toward a better future. They worked together in order to argue against the new convention center while simultaneously investing their own time, effort, and money into new projects. As a result, the Grand Action Group was tremendously effective in helping to turn Grand Rapids into the city that we see it as today. It is easy to see why Dick DeVos has so many projects in Grand Rapids, he was a fundamental part of the growth of the city.


Nowadays, Dick DeVos has his sights set outside of Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos was recently tapped for the civilian oversight board at the F.A.A. DeVos will work alongside another dozen individuals from a variety of different levels of political and commercial work. Dick DeVos has a storied history with regard to aviation and his addition to the board will serve to help keep the FAA accountable. Dick DeVos was likely selected due to his work helping make the Gerald R. Ford Airport an international destination through a partnership with Southwest Airlines.


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