Mark Holyoake A Standout Business Owner and Athlete from New Zealand


Mark Holyoake is a New Zealander, business owner, and world record holder. It is not every day that you meet someone with such a unique background. Do not think that all of these feats were accomplished without some sacrifice and grit.

Mark Holyoake became involved in gymnastics as a preteen. He challenged himself to learn all of the appliances. For men, the gymnastic performances cover the rings, floor, and pommel apparatus. He started to compete early on and proved to be a valuable asset to his gymnastic team.

Mark now holds a record on the pommel horse, which came after many long hours of practice. To win the honor, he finished 60 complete turns in one minute, and to make the feat even more complicated, Holyoake completed the rotations in front of a crowd of local fans. He can maintain concentration and composure in high-pressure situations.

After competing and earning a world record, Mark Holyoake moved onto personal training. He developed knowledge for training from college. Mark graduated with a degree in exercise science coupled with sports. With this education, he could lead clients in the appropriate workouts with the facts to back his words.

If they ever wanted to give up, Mark Holyoake could relay an inspiring story about a time he wanted to stop and what he did to carry on. After Mark Holyoake became skilled in working with clients, Holyoake took another turn. He is now a partner at Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. The fitness center is a CrossFit type of program. The environment gives Holyoake an opportunity to help people achieve their goals.

Holyoake is one of New Zealand’s top record-breaking athletes. He uses his bachelor’s degree and life skills to run a business that focuses on clients and health. His life story can be summed up as a child who learned quickly, which led to a college degree that turned into a passionate job.

Mark Holyoake may be humbler when he describes himself, but New Zealand, his friends and family, and his business partner and clients might say he is ambitious and committed to quality and making a lasting difference.