Sharon Prince Invites Carrie Mae Weems to Deliver Her Vision at Grace Farms


Carrie Mae Weems is an American Artist that touches the lives of many during her performances. The artist has won a reputation from her fans because of her unique performances that leave them yearning for more. Carrie has a powerful voice that resonates well with her talented background vocalists and other members of the band.

Sharon Prince, the founder, and president of Grace Farms, is one of her fans. Prince believes her visions of starting Grace Farms resonate well with her music genre.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Sharon invited Carrie Mae Weems to perform at Grace Farms and restore hope to the community in line with Sharon’s vision. Carrie didn’t disappoint because she left the audience with space for hope at the end of her Past Tense performance. Her style of using images, texts, and words addressing the issues of inequality, justice, violence, and race left everyone in attendance hopeful. She once told the New York Times in an interview that her sense of the idea, hope, goodwill, and aspiration are the pillars of her success in life.

Her performances that revolve around addressing dark themes in the society, including human and wildlife trafficking, resonate well with Sharon’s vision of dealing with the issues. Sharon Prince pointed out that Carrie’s performance would grace the day by emphasizing the Grace Farms foundation’s initiatives. She reiterated that the concert aimed to restore hope and create peace and grace to the world. Go To This Page for more information.

The facility that Sharon Prince started in 2015 provides the public with free space daily as they engage in communications, enjoy nature preserves, as well as take part in meaningful community events.

Grace Farms offers the public with space at the unique River Building designed by the professional SANAA architects from Japan. The building has many amenities, including a library, church, and gym, among others. Its strong glass walls provide a clear view of outer space that lets the occupant enjoy nature from the inside.