Isabel dos Santos Contributions to an Economically Stable Angola

‘Women in leadership’ as an identity is incomplete without mentioning Isabel dos Santos, who apart from coming from a political family, has created her space in the business world. According to Forbes, Isabel is a perfect example of a self-made business executive, who apart from being a global figure in business, has active charity projects across the world. Isabel — a trained engineer and a business executive to multiple companies — believes in giving back to the world.

Isabel dos Santos is synonymous with many projects, but many people associate her with her determination of making Angola home to investors and creators. Over the years, she has successfully changed the narrative of her home country in different ways. For example, Isabel has assisted young businesses — in identifying their ideal markets and creating viable business models. Isabel is also passionate about assisting young start-ups during their incubating years. Through these projects, she is on the process of changing Angola’s narrative in the world of business.

Over the years, she has invested in different projects owned and run by Angolan women. Some of these projects are on food security, which, according to Isabel, have a huge potential in creating employment opportunities and making Africa a food secure continent. Isabel dos Santos, however, believes that the best way to fund and monitor such groups in by educating women on leadership.

Isabel dos Santos is one of the few business professionals that are active on social platforms such as Twitter. Through these platforms, Isabel shares her projects and information on different things she is passionate about — especially in the world of investment and charity. Isabel also uses twitter to share tips on running businesses around the world, and more specifically, in Africa. She believes that information is vital in the next generation of investors.

Finally, the business executive is also keen on creating spaces where young people can learn on different subjects. Thanks to her connections in the world of business, Isabel dos Santos is on the final stages of creating innovation hubs in Angola. On her social media platforms, she points out that these hubs will be a game-changer in Angola’s economy.

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