Jin Oh OnMogul And The Growth Of Riot Games

Jin Oh whose profile is featured on OnMogul has been in the video game business for some time now. Through his work at Riot Games, the massively multiplayer online genre has grown exponentially since the companies founding in 2006. The original hit title League of Legends has remained a staple of the gaming community, offering crisp graphics and immense gameplay that has followed well into the mobile application world as well.

The thing that makes Jin Oh a unique leader is the fact that his company remains one of the most culturally diverse game development companies around, and Jin Oh plans on keeping it that way. With Jin Oh at the helm Riot Games is constantly perfecting and innovating their work and the online worlds in which they design.

Leading a game design company is never an easy thing, but Jin Oh has been in the video game business for almost fourteen years now and is showing no signs of slowing down. Riot Games has hit its pinnacle with the latest release of League of Legends which remains a popular game in all markets and continues to dominate the new mobile gaming arena as well with addictive gameplay and stellar graphics.

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