Betsy DeVos Proves Critics Wrong As She Gets To Work By Making Improvements To The American School System

Betsy DeVos is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who recently became the 11th educational secretary for the United States. Her confirmation hearings were a battleground, of sorts, where her opposition seemed to revel in asking her questions that were devised to trip her up. While many people might have crumbled under the kind of pressure DeVos had to deal with, she took it all in stride. Her political opponents did their best to make her look like a fool, but she eventually came through it all unscathed and ready to go to work for students in the U.S.


One of the first orders of business for Betsy DeVos after she was confirmed in was to set up meetings with Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia. These are two leaders of the largest teachers unions in the country, but unfortunately, Garcia declined the meeting. Weingarten, on the other hand, moved forward with the meeting, and she joined DeVos in Florida where they visited various schools together.


It wasn’t long after Betsy DeVos went to work for the American people that she was faced with an interesting situation. President Trump had decided he was going rescind a federal policy, created during the Obama era, that had been allowing transgender students to use any bathroom they wanted to, so long as it lined up with their gender identity. DeVos met with a representative of gay and transgender employees from the department of education to let people know what was about to happen. One of her aides had told the representative that DeVos had fought against the decision made by the president. The problem began when she never spoke out against it afterwards.


After the incident took place, some people claimed to be confused about Betsy DeVos and who she was loyal to. Some even mistakenly believed she would be a weak team player in the Trump Administration. Others didn’t give the incident too much attention, and neither did DeVos. While some people in Washington D.C. thought she would be a pushover, of sorts, they were soon to find out she is nothing of the kind. DeVos immediately got to work after being confirmed in to serve her country, and she started out by going a tour of a school in Washington D.C. with Queen Rania of Jordan and first lady Melania Trump.


Betsy DeVos grew up in a part of Michigan where many members of the community believed in giving equal educational opportunities to every student. She was heavily influenced by her community’s ideas and has gone on to champion them on a national level. DeVos has fought hard to convince Democrats of the benefits of school choice, and she has been making plenty of headway in recent years. Her ability to ignore party lines when working towards the betterment of the school system in the U.S. has been exemplary, and she continues to make many new allies. She hopes that one day every student in the United States will be able to attend a quality school their family approves of.


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