Mark Holyoake: From Gymnastics to Gym Owner


Mark Holyoake owns a CrossFit facility in New Zealand, and he is a prime example of how other sports can merge into CrossFit. He founded Crossfit Carbon Method, which he operates with a partner, TIla Hamad. Mark Holyoake was young when he first discovered his talent for sports. He began practicing gymnastics before he was a teenager. Those skills took him to the world’s playing fields.

He qualified to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games on two occasions. In the 2006 competition, Holyoake placed 7th on the parallel bars. The bars require a gymnast to swing and move his body around and through them until the graceful and energetic dismount. Also in 2006, the team landed 8th overall, and Holyoake placed 11th as an individual in the all-around.

The first experience at the Commonwealth Games proved an inspiration to Mark Holyoake because he qualified to compete again for his country in 2010. Four years seemed to improve his nerve and skill. At this event, he placed 4th on the bars and the team event. This time he finished 22nd on the pommel horse, which would later add to his fame. The pommel horse is another gymnastic appliance, similar to the parallel bars, it sits high off the floor, but it is one solid object. The participant must continuously move around, over, and about it.

In the same year as his second Commonwealth competition, Holyoake went on to set a world record on the horse. He completed the task in front of a Guinness Book representative, so it became a documented feat. He broke the record by swinging 65 times in one minute. To show his grit, Mark Holyoake set the record in front of a crowded mall-like atmosphere.

Before heading over to CrossFit, Mark Holyoake educated himself. He has a degree in science fitness from Auckland. After graduating, he worked as a personal trainer. No doubt, his skills from the gymnastic tournaments played a large part in coaching his clients to their own goals. Coaching was natural for his personality and charisma, and Carbon Method CrossFit has become another perfect fit for Mark Holyoake. Read This Article for related information.