Gump’s Selling The Future

Gump’s is a store that is located in San Francisco. They have been in the business for quite some time. One of the features that Gump’s has that has helped it become so well-known is a Buddha statue that stood in the middle of the store. That Buddha statue was at least 8 ft tall.

Gumps has been open and running since the eighteen-hundreds. In the 1900s the original store burnt down thanks to an earthquake, so they moved to a new location and remained open until 2018. Gumps recently filed bankruptcy and had a huge liquidation sale.

They literally sold everything. All of their furniture, home decor, jewelry, and everything else they had in the store. The Buddha statue sold for around 4 million dollars. Gump’s is now under new ownership and is planned to be reopened in the fall of this year. Go To This Page to visit their page on Instagram.

The Gump’s store is well known for their luxurious furniture, crystal, and jewelry. When the company reopens they plan to have a lot of business. They have big hopes of being successful way into the future. Gump’s is going to become the exceptional store that it once was. The new owners have huge hopes and dreams for the store and there’s no telling just how far they will go.

Gump’s was a huge hit among shoppers when it was first opened in the 1800’s. They have worked very hard through the years to grow their business, and now they are working even harder to try and build back the business that they once had. Gump’s is going to continue to grow for many more years to come. See This Page for more information.


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