Family Ownership Will Remain at the Heart of Highly Authentic, Iconic Gump’s Brand


The people of San Francisco are thrilled that the iconic Gump’s luxury brand has been acquired by new ownership. The move promises to usher in a new era for one of the city’s and nation’s most beloved outlets for the kind of items that just can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Products of exotic and unique quality have been part of Gump’s San Francisco for more than a century-and-a-half. The store was originally founded in 1861 by brothers Solomon and Gustav Gump. The enterprising men originally sold mirrors and frames but quickly expanded their wares to include European artwork, fantastic furniture, dining ware and fabulous jewelry.

The Gump’s were unique in their approach. They scoured the globe – including points across Europe and the Far East – to bring items to their San Francisco customers that were simply unlike anything any other merchant sold.

Gump’s has always prided itself as a family-owned business. The Chachas family will continue that tradition. John and Diane began investing in the company as far back as 2007. Their children, Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas, will be the new majority owners. They are gearing up to relaunch Gump’s across North America and Europe in the coming months.

Gump’s has headquarters in San Francisco and New York, New York.

Anne Chachas said upholding the company’s rich history and its special aura of authenticity will be an extremely important element of the way the company is presented going forward. Even Antoinette Gump, the great, great-granddaughter of the company founder, said she is delighted that Gump’s will retain a family-ownership quality under the Chachas siblings. Refer to This Article for related information.

Anne Chachas said she is delighted that Gump’s will be open for business for Christmas 2019. That will make for 158 holiday seasons for this All-American brand with a special place in the hearts of millions of customers.


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