Doctor Tim Ioannides and his medical background


Doctor Tim Ioannides learned an important lesson when he was working for another dermatologist during his residency. During this time he was mainly working on people that were wanting to have some kind of plastic surgery, in other words something that wasn’t medically necessary.

This made him realize that he wanted to help people on a much more personal level. When he was considering his next career move he knew exactly what he wanted to do, the medical side of dermatology. In the early days of owning his own practice, Tim Ioannides was still doing the occasional cosmetic procedure, but he knew that it was only temporary till his business got up and running like he wanted.

With this being such a limited field, a lot of people tend to ask Dr. Ioannides how exactly he makes money. His answer to this exact question is “as with all medical professionals, I make money based on a salary, in exchange for providing medical care for patience.” As a small business owner and the CEO it makes sense to put the needs of the business first when it’s needed most.

Tim Ioannides advocates for diversity in health. He has noted that a diverse individual can fit in any profession. When they are passionate about their careers, it enables them to expound many ideas for development. Through diversity, a firm owner can introduce different services to its innovative clients.

He is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. Having served at Treasure cost for over 15 years, Tim has a proactive approach and practice in medical care.

As with any small business you can almost guarantee that there will be some doubt at some point in time. When people asked Dr. Ioannides this question all he had to say was “in the medical field, there is very little chance of an individual ending up in a highly skilled position by chance. Due to the strenuous nature of education required to practice within any medical domain, one must be certain of ones passions.” Find Related Information Here.

When it comes to referrals, many people asked Dr. Ioannides how he’s been able to get as many as he has. His answer is “Through word of mouth, and giving great experiences is the best marketing strategy available.”


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