Dr. Richard Liu: From Dentist To Business Innovator

Born in New Hampshire, and the son of an otolaryngology specialist father and mother who was a dentist, Dr. Richard Liu grew up surrounded by medicine. It is no surprise that his career path followed a medical bent.

Richard Liu began his studies at Harvard School of Dentistry and after a successful start to his secondary education, he joined the Evergreen Dental Care practice in New Hampshire where he practiced for five years. During these years he also acted as a part-time teacher at his alma mater lecturing on restorative dentistry.

During these years at the full-service dental practice, Dr. Richard Liu was also drawn to the business aspects of medicine and dentistry. He was especially interested in the ways that technological innovations can improve the level of care that is available from the medical community.

Soon, it became obvious to Dr. Richard Liu that he wanted to pursue the venture capital side of medicine. To follow this dream, he enrolled at MIT and received his MBA from this highly esteemed institution. Following a period of time at two venture capital firms, Dr. Liu decided it was time to strike out on his own.

And so Morningside Venture Capital was born. This private equity fund was able to attract a strong management team due to the high level of success that Dr. Liu had obtained in both dentistry and investing, and because of his impeccable educational credentials. Currently, Morningside Venture Capital has investments under control totaling $1.7 billion. Find More Information Here.

As the founder and leader of the Morningside Venture Capital, Dr. Liu is responsible for the day to day transactions as well as providing the leadership and strategic guidance that is necessary for the firm t continue to grow and prosper. He advises young students to have faith in their dreams, even if it means making significant changes.


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