Jack Plotkin and the Future of Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is the CTO of Virtual Health and is attributed to bringing awareness and possibilities to telehealth. He completed his studies in computer science and economics at Harvard University. After Harvard, Jack Plotkin spent the next two decades leading technology design, development, and deployment for Fortune 500 companies. He was also involved in the financial sector, consumer products, and health care.

Jack Plotkin is also responsible for shedding light on Telehealth. He considers it the future of health care. The benefit of telehealth is the ability to deliver care at the point of need. Providing near hospital-level monitoring and response without the patient leaving the comfort of their home. He does mention that telehealth has been around for several decades; however, it hasn’t been an integral component of health care delivery. The main reason for this is because of three key challenges: engagement, integration, and reimbursement.

Jack PlotkinCurrently, the process of interaction with patients is to walk through 20 to 30-minute health sessions. Typical sessions represent a series of “Yes/No” questions, recording of biometrics and checking weight or blood pressure. This process means a patient isn’t able to capture their vital readings unless they walk through an entire session. This process has typically caused patients to be disengaged, thus making telehealth approaches ineffective.

In contrast, today’s technology has made it more easy for telehealth to become more effective. Wireless devices such as armbands, watches, bracelets, and pendants have the technology to record activity and vitals data continuously without having the patient interrupt their day. The sensors in the technology provide the key to patient engagement. Critical data can be collected and sent via a wireless network to a data repository without the patient having to remember to take their daily reading.