Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a center that is expanding and that is trying to help people with cancer to be cancer-free and have the type of treatment that they want to have in the process. Read more at Practice Link about CTCA.

The CTCA knows that the centers should and need to be a support system because while it is easy to talk about a support system it is much harder to be that and some patients won’t have anyone else and they will need that support when they come in. Read more at USHCC about CTCA.

The center seems to be successful with this as this is the main thing that the patients remember and talk about because they know that when they do come into the center they are cared about. Because of the fact that they are always well staffed the staff generally get to know the patients and thus they are not having to look at the chart to know the name of the patient but they know the name of the patient when they come into the office and even know a bit about them.

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