Mark Holyoake Talks About His Investment In Iceland Seafood International

Mark Holyoake is a British entrepreneur in the financial sector. His business skills include implementing efficiency processes, establishing long-term stability, and growing new companies. He works at the international level. He is a graduate of the University of Reading, earning a degree in business in 1995.

He started his career investing in real estate and companies in the private food industry. He founded Oakvest Holdings to manage his investments. His largest investment was in Iceland Seafood. Mark Holyoake was on the company’s board of directors for nearly 10 years. He invested in this company after the 2007-2008 global recession, during which time Iceland was trying to rebuild its national economy.

Dealing with hostile business conditions, he used his expertise to right the ship at Iceland Seafood. This company is now one of Europe’s leaders in the private food sector. Mark Holyoake had previously been the director of other seafood firms. This gave him industry knowledge, technical know-how, and industry-specific skills.

When he invested in Iceland Seafood, his peers saw this as a risky proposition. He saw it as a great opportunity to help bring stability to Iceland. Holyoake’s vision was to unite existing fishing companies and grow the industry. He took a majority interest in Iceland Seafood International in 2010. He focused on growing the company, collaborating with others in the industry, establishing sustainable practices, and seeing to the long-term financial success of Iceland Seafood.

When he started his career, Mark Holyoake recognized that as an entrepreneur he wouldn’t have a safety net to fall back on. He admits that he has had his doubts about some of his ventures succeeding, especially in their initial stages. He gained self-confidence from knowing he was using common sense and his professional instincts. Mark Holyoake has focused on long-term success rather than short term results.

In a recent article with Iceland Monitor entitled “British Investor Mark Holyoake Withdraws From Iceland Seafood”, talks about British investor Mark Holyoake stepped down from the board of Iceland Seafood International earlier this month. He says that the timing is right to withdraw from the board, despite the fact that he will continue to hold a large share in ISI.

His most recent tough decision was stepping down from the board of Iceland Seafood. He recognized that it was time to let others lead this company. Under his leadership, it increased in value 10 times over.


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