Ocean Conservationist Clement Perrette Shares His Thoughts On Social Philanthropy

Clement Perrette is a big believer in social philanthropy. He says that the creation of social media has made it easier than ever to improve society by connecting with others. People can quickly spread the word about conservation and contributing to meaningful causes. Social media can be used to educate people about any number of ethical issues.

He grew up before the internet was used by the general public. When he was younger he learned about philanthropy by being handed pamphlets on street corners or looking it up in a book. There were also protests about issues and telethons to bring awareness to various causes. Clement Perrette Barclays is passionate about ocean conservation. Having been involved in a few media projects about this issue, he has seen how social philanthropy has transformative power.

Social media makes spreading a message much more efficient. It used to be you had to meet a friend to discuss an issue, send them newspaper articles, or ask them to watch a news segment. Now you can stick it on your social media which will spread knowledge, help people collaborate on an effort, and help spread the world.

Clement Perrette recently collaborated on a book about ocean conservation using his social media accounts. This book is called “Call of the Blue.” He also collaborated on a movie about the ocean, “Ocean Souls.” These were done through the Uproar Fund. He collaborated with ocean photographer Philip Hamilton on the book as well as dozens of conservationists and biologists.

Globalization makes it ever easier to bring like-minded people together in a way that wasn’t possible not long ago. How people communicate has changed and continues to do so. To remain relevant, social philanthropy efforts need to make use of modern communication tools.

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