Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin; He graduated from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical chemistry. Has been a CEO in accompany of Abeona which is leading in general and cell Therapy and also an executive at Abeona Therapeutics Inc. He starts his day by connecting with family and then checks his emails for a few minutes and checking on trending international headlines. This gives him lone moments before work.

In a recent new release by Investors entitled: “Karyopharm Appoints Carsten Thiel, Ph.D., to its Board of Directors”; the company proudly introduces Current Chief Executive Officer of Abeona Therapeutics, Inc. and former Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; which brings Wealth of Leadership and Global Strategic Experience.

Carsten Thiel prioritizes his time, considering the long effects not only daily achievements in his tasks. Spends a quarter of his time with company board and investors, to ensure that he maintains a cohesive unit. He interacts directly with customers, doctors, and the users of his product with 10% of his time. This helps in understanding how the clients are receiving the product.

Brings his ideas to live by encouraging teamwork. Thiel listens to everyone’s thoughts. He is excited by growing up in a family of medical practitioners. Technology also stimulates him for it helps to make things that looked impossible to be like a normal.

His curiosity to know by asking questions help him to be more productive. This helps to avoid time wastage by not asking and ignoring one’s intuitions. He advises the young people to trust their guys in their professions, for it is essential in attaining success and developing leadership. See Related Link for more information.

He says the majority don’t agree with the fact that for one to achieve success in any profession, they must identify a human element. As an entrepreneur, he takes the business seriously and asks all leaders to do so and also to take oneself very seriously. The strategy that has helped him is communicating directly with customers to get direct feedback.

The challenge he faced was to choose a method between the one which was a norm and the one that was not a norm but was the right move. He encouraged readers to pursue the creation of an innovative biotech company. He has invested in education for others through donations. He uses the LinkedIn web as it allows him to streamline the content that he needs to view. He recommends the community to read ‘Outliers.’


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