Gulf Coast Western Reviews Show it as One of the Leaders, with Matthew Fleeger at the Front

Gulf Coast Western

The energy sector has been changing quickly and one of the companies that have taken advantage of this is Gulf Coast Western. This represents one of the leaders in not only the region but also the entire United States. Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 in Dallas, TX; however, thanks to its current President and CEO, Matthew Fleeger, it has become one of the biggest energy companies in the United States. It has done so by capitalizing on solid business relationships throughout the industry, thanks in large part to Matthew Fleeger.

Matthew Fleeger originally got his education in the industry at Southern Methodist University (SMU). After finishing his education there, he went on to work a number of different jobs throughout the energy sector. While some of these were entry-level positions, other companies quickly realized that Matthew Fleeger had a lot of potential and talent. They tried to get him to stay with their companies; however, Fleeger always knew where he wanted to go. After all, it was his family that started Gulf Coast Western close to 50 years ago. Therefore, he decided to go back to Gulf Coast Western and continue what his family had started.

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger joined the family business, Gulf Coast Western, as its President and CEO. Under his watch, he merged and bought up a number of other energy companies, leveraging the relationships he had built during his time in the energy industry. Furthermore, he has also pushed Gulf Coast Western to embrace new types of technology that have changed the way energy is both detected and acquired. Now, Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western have numerous oil wells and drilling sites throughout the Gulf Coast region. This has Fleeger and his company in a position to capitalize on its momentum, leading the way for the energy sector in the years and decades to come.