Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a native Venezuelan, has had an impressive career trademarked by adaptation and innovation. He began working in the oil industry after receiving two undergraduate degrees from Massachusetts’s Suffolk University and started work in the oil industry. From there, he has expanded his expertise to the sustainable-energy sector, finance, and later, retail products.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez began his career managing several companies, such as Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy, and after gaining significant understanding of the oil industry, chose to start out on his own. After initially starting his own company, Betancourt then founded the O’Hara Administration, an international asset management company, with the intent to strengthen the business infrastructure of developing nations. This led to Banque du Dakar, a bank in Africa created by several international investors in order to aid in business development throughout the African continent. Despite the challenges of opening banks in Africa, the company has found success in several African countries and assists individuals creating businesses or looking for payment solutions and help with investments.

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Returning to his oil industry roots, Betancourt became director of the board at Pacific Exploration & Production, a major Latin American oil company, and acquired 20 percent of its stock. He has aided in its expansion across Latin American countries. In 2016, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took a somewhat unpredictable turn to Hawkers, a sunglasses startup. As president of the company, Betancourt has used marketing through social media to contribute to impressive online sales that resulted in stores and outlets. He used social networks and influencers to market Hawkers, using a ground-breaking business model that prompted Facebook to distinguish Hawkers as the company with the best advertising performance in several countries.

Though he seems to just be getting started, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has used new technologies and ever-changing innovations to propel his career across several industries and continents, as well as changing the traditional business models from the inside out. His career has been characterized by taking risks and not shying away from innovative changes and creating a better value than his competitors.