An Overview of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms

The Grace Farms community center sits on 80 acres of land and is designed to allow people to interact freely with others. Developed by SANAA, the River Building is the centerpiece of the community center, and the firm also remodeled several existing structures on the property to serve as meeting centers.

The Center Opened in 2015 After Years of Controversy

In October 2015, Sharon Prince Grace Farms was officially opened to the public. However, it took many years of wrangling with local authorities before the center was able to be built. Community members were concerned that the structure would ruin what was one of the last pieces of unspoiled land in the New Canaan area. Generally speaking, New Canaan had been seen as a quiet town where people came to escape traffic and other pitfalls of modern life.


Everyone Would Eventually Get What They Wanted

Although the community had concerns about the project, Sharon Prince was not going to let those concerns stop her from getting what she wanted. Sharon Prince was able to create a design that would blend in with the existing natural landscape. Prince also took steps to ensure that traffic and other forms of noise were kept to a minimum.

Associating with Sharon Prince Grace Farms resulted in SANAA winning a Pritzker Prize, which is one of the top prizes in the architectural community. They were chosen to work on the project because their vision for the compound meshed with what Sharon Prince wanted. Sanaa was one of 25 architecture firms that were considered to build the River building.


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has long believed that hope is one of the most important things that a person can have. She created the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009 in an effort to bring hope to the world and use it to end human suffering in its many forms. Refer to This Article for more information.

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