Michael Neirenberg Began His Duties As The Lead Man For The Company

A great way to capitalize on some of the many available opportunities within the real estate world is to consider innovation within leadership. Take Michael Neirenberg, CEO and President of New Residential for example. Sometimes real estate can be a great way for an executive to really show their true colors in simply an application of ideals sort of way.

Beginning in November 2013, Michael Neirenberg began his duties as the lead man for the company known for its real estate prowess. Taking New Residential to higher heights is definitely the result the natural leadership that is shown from those in leadership positions within the company.

Operating out of New York, New Residential has been highly recommended due them having one of the best executive teams in the business. Another plus is the background of their CEO Michael Nierenberg Bear Stearns. He has experience leading companies such as Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, Leehman Brothers and has been highly lauded for his expertise in financial applications.

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