New EOS Lip Balms For Anniversary

Honey Apple, Vanilla Mint, Wilderbrry and Cherry Vanilla are a few of the new flavors EOS is delivering to customers in the arrival of the celebration of their ten year anniversary of being in business. The company is launching new products and new flavors to show appreciation for the millions of people who have made purchases to them over the past decade.

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These new lip flavors will be available in their 100% all natural shea butter lip balm collection. This collection will be jam packed with flavors, scents, moisture and smoothness. Customers are already heading to the website to order this lip balm. EOS is one of the most respected makers of lip balm because of their careful attention to quality.

The lip balms created by EOS have grown to be a favorite amongst consumers. These iconic lip products are great for anyone seeking a lip balm that will truly care for the lips. Health matters most to EOS. The passion for health and healing the lips of customers is what has kept this company in business for an entire decade. EOS has worked it creates a wide array of products. Yes, they are known for their lip care products but they also produce other skincare products.

USHEALTH Advisors Make It Fun and Easy to Eat Healthier

A June 2019 article from Gazette Day utilized the expert knowledge at USHEALTH Advisors and provided tips to make it easier to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

The suggestions came from the USHEALTH Advisors’ blog Living Good Health, and Gazette Day added to the article expert knowledge from Stanford University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fast food can be prepared at home. In order to make eating at home convenient the article recommends focusing on advance preparation. A perfect example of how to utilize this strategy is by cutting up vegetables in the morning and combining that with a protein in a slow cooker. The food can cook all day and be ready to enjoy the moment you return home.

Pizza is not always a healthy eating option. In fact, many frozen pizza suppliers and take out and delivery services have products high in fat and loaded with added sugars. The article provides a link to the blog where a healthy pizza recipe is found.

More than 30 million Americans do not regularly eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes it harder for the metabolism to assist in the process of losing weight. It also increases the odds for developing Diabetes and heart issues. The article recommends focusing on a complete breakfast, and offers up a suggested quiche recipe.

Diabetes, heart disease and stroke are more likely, when a diet contains a lot of meat. Limiting meat does not have to be a bummer. USHEALTH Advisors provides a meatless sandwich recipe to make the switch from meat easier. Chocolate peanut butter protein balls are suggested to help offset protein loss.

USHEALTH Advisors suggests starting with small goals first. They also suggest sharing the journey of lifestyle changes by including family and friends in the journey.

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ViSalus & The 90 Day Challenge


ViSalus is a new and innovative company based out of Los Angeles, CA. The company also has an International origin in Italy. ViSalus promotes the health and complexity of Protein. Protein allows the body to build and repair damaged tissue all while creating and metabolizing elements within the body to help increase your metabolism. This company offers a great plan based diet plan and options for the everyday person to get healthy all while being on the go.

ViShape” is a meal replacement shake that has been known to taste just like cake mix. This shake will give you all of the daily required nutrients in order to replace fatty foods and will allow you to have a normal if not increase sense of energy to get you through the day.

ViSalus has a proprietary blend of proteins called “Tri-Sorb”. These proteins are a combination of whey protein and another non-GMO soy protein. These proteins support and allow your lean muscles strength in order to assist in the burning of extra fat in the body. “ViShape” provides you with the perfect amounts of protein, calcium, fiber, minerals and necessary vitamins that low calorie meals could never provide to the bodies complex system.

ViSalus created these supplements so that the body could work for itself to manage and discard any an all bad fats from the body all while eating a healthy diet. This allows people to bring out the best in themselves. This is a promise that ViSalus stands by in today’s world. The chemical makeup of the proteins and the “ViShape” composition shows the companies understanding that the body requires proteins for energy to lose the weight that proteins are needed to enhance current muscle and allows the body to bounce back from a workout without you starving afterwards. See Related Link to learn more.

ViSalus also includes vegetarian substitutes for the vegan crowd. Even if you are not vegan the company offers many options and suggestions to get natural protein such as pinto beans, lentils, and quinoa to mention a few. The company wants to see the average person happy and healthy. You do not have to be a professional athlete or a gym guru to start on this program. The company supports and encourages the customer base that it has acquired to date. ViSalus has awarded over $100 million in products, cash and prizes to dedicated customers that took a chance on themselves to become a healthier person inside and out. Why wouldn’t you support the company that supports you? Come on, let’s get in on the Vi 90 Day Challenge. Be the healthiest you that you can be!


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Betsy Devos – The Education Secretary of the US

Betsy DeVos has been in Washington since 2017. While she has many supporters in the Republican Party, she is viewed as a polarizing figure for a number of reasons. For one, her views on educational choice have disrupted the public school community, but she says that it hasn’t been for the reasons that people think. In fact, she doesn’t believe that people have given educational choice a fair chance.


In 2018, Leslie Stahl conducted an interview with Betsy DeVos for “60 Minutes.” The interview engaged the US Education Secretary on several topics within public education, finance support, and educational choice. Stahl brought up the opposition to educational choice as many people have criticized the secretary for her views on private schools and charter schools.


However, DeVos also talked about the fact that public funding isn’t used for educational choice programs. Philanthropy has supported many educational programs instead. She has donors likes Sam Walton of Wal-Mart and Bill Gates of Microsoft. In addition, she received a sizable donation from Mark Zuckerberg. All of them have supported DeVos’ work with educational choice.


Now she is being joined by First Lady Melania Trump at charter schools around the country in an effort to support the work that DeVos has done over the past two years. The schools have expanded in Florida and Louisiana, but DeVos wants to bring educational choice to more areas. She says that it helps underprivileged students, and all she wants to do is make sure that students come first.


While she has been working with children for quite some time, DeVos has also received criticism for her lack of experience as a teacher. Even though she has worked with many schools and helped advance educational choice considerably around the country, Betsy DeVos has always worked in politics and philanthropy. She has found that this is where she can do the most good.


For the next year and a half, she will be working to expand educational choice options to most states. She has said that the program in Florida is the best as the state offers a tuition-based scholarship for students who apply and get accepted into the program.


In addition to her work on educational choice, DeVos has also been working with safety and security on campus. She has worked with many safety officers and implemented new rules to keep students safe on campus. This includes adding a security guard to most public school campuses, and in some cases, teachers can carry guns if approved by the school district.


It’s unclear whether DeVos will keep her position through 2020, but she will be working hard for American students until she has to step down.


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People Trust HCR Wealth Advisors to Make Their Financial Decisions

HCR Wealth Advisors

Most very wealthy people do not make all of their financial decisions on their own. In fact, just the opposite is true. These people will usually reach out to experienced people who have a background in finance and wealth management. HCR Wealth Advisors has many wealthy people who are clients. These people might not know the best ways to invest their money and make it grow. This is especially true for people who recently inherited a great deal of money. In these situations, people need guidance because they might make foolish decisions that could make their inheritance disappear very quickly.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a wide variety of things that they help people with. One of their primary goals is to help to protect clients against risk. They want to be sure that the money of their clients does not get frittered away by mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided. Therefore, they like to pass along their knowledge to their clients whenever possible. This knowledge was gained from working in the field of wealth management for literally decades. This is why the company has been able to gain such a stellar reputation in its field.

HCR Wealth Advisors feels that one of the most important aspects of wealth management is estate planning. The decision of where money and property should go after someone dies should not be left up to the legal system. Every person should take the time to plan their estate. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. Money and property distribution is usually the first thing that comes to mind when estate planning is mentioned. However, an advanced health care directive needs to be signed just in case of a medical situation that makes it impossible for the person to make his or her own decisions.

HCR Wealth Advisors also recommends that every one of their clients consider having an advanced power of attorney for their finances and health care. This will allow a person of the client’s choosing to be in charge of the most important decisions if they should become incapacitated in some manner.


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The Inspiring Career Change by Richard Liu


Richard Liu started his career as a dentist and later moved to the entrepreneurship sector. His life began in New Hampshire with his parents, who were both in the medical profession.

Thus, Richard Liu got the motivation to continue with his mother’s line of work as a dentist. He joined Harvard University to acquire the essential skills so that he could stand out in dentistry. He put the effort in his education, and it bore fruits since he graduated with adept expertise.

He started by gaining work experience at Evergreen Dental Care in New Hampshire. Richard Liu became a master in veneers, crown restoration, dental implants, and restorative dentistry. His career thrived and flourished in ways he couldn’t imagine. He established a good rapport with his patients, and this earned him an excellent track record. Liu contributed to the community by teaching in his former university as a lecturer. The theme he focused was on restorative dentistry, and it prepared the learners for the job market.

As time went by, Richard developed a keen interest in business as a whole and how technology shaped up existing ventures. Thus, he decided to take the next step and realize his dream to be a star in the business field. He, therefore, earned an MBA from MIT, where he acquired all the competence to become an entrepreneur.

Richard Liu’s first stop was the CRT Capital, and he later joined the FTV Capital. Since he was enterprising, he had all the strategies and planned to establish his company called the Morningside Venture Capital. The proficient team he headed gathered around $1.7 billion value in investments.

As part of his story, many people get motivated that if they have a wish to change careers, it is possible. They need to take baby steps, and eventually, they will get there. The essential things are commitment and hard work for a successful transition. See This Article for additional information.


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Doctor Tim Ioannides and his medical background


Doctor Tim Ioannides learned an important lesson when he was working for another dermatologist during his residency. During this time he was mainly working on people that were wanting to have some kind of plastic surgery, in other words something that wasn’t medically necessary.

This made him realize that he wanted to help people on a much more personal level. When he was considering his next career move he knew exactly what he wanted to do, the medical side of dermatology. In the early days of owning his own practice, Tim Ioannides was still doing the occasional cosmetic procedure, but he knew that it was only temporary till his business got up and running like he wanted.

With this being such a limited field, a lot of people tend to ask Dr. Ioannides how exactly he makes money. His answer to this exact question is “as with all medical professionals, I make money based on a salary, in exchange for providing medical care for patience.” As a small business owner and the CEO it makes sense to put the needs of the business first when it’s needed most.

Tim Ioannides advocates for diversity in health. He has noted that a diverse individual can fit in any profession. When they are passionate about their careers, it enables them to expound many ideas for development. Through diversity, a firm owner can introduce different services to its innovative clients.

He is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. Having served at Treasure cost for over 15 years, Tim has a proactive approach and practice in medical care.

As with any small business you can almost guarantee that there will be some doubt at some point in time. When people asked Dr. Ioannides this question all he had to say was “in the medical field, there is very little chance of an individual ending up in a highly skilled position by chance. Due to the strenuous nature of education required to practice within any medical domain, one must be certain of ones passions.” Find Related Information Here.

When it comes to referrals, many people asked Dr. Ioannides how he’s been able to get as many as he has. His answer is “Through word of mouth, and giving great experiences is the best marketing strategy available.”


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Angela Koch Provides Key Leadership for US Money Reserve

Angela Koch is the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve. She has held this position for the past several years. Under her leadership US Money Reserve has emerged as the most successful distributor of precious metals products to consumers. With her leadership, she has developed a system in which employees fulfill certain tasks and focus on sales, marketing and customer service.

Since Angela Koch took over as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she looked to promote employees on a regular basis. This would enable them to develop more as professionals and be in better position to serve customers more efficiently. Koch regularly has employees take on more tasks and then places them in higher positions within a short period of time. By promoting employees on a regular basis, Koch has allowed US Money Reserve personnel to gain confidence and develop key leadership skills themselves. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Another key to the success of US Money Reserve under Koch’s management is added responsibility for employees. Koch has often emphasized giving employees more important roles in the company. She has added to their responsibilities so that they are more productive.

It also helps them develop new skills and gain practical experience doing important tasks for the company. With added responsibility, many of the employees at US Money Reserve have been able to help enhance their professional development.

Angela Koch has had a very unorthodox road to becoming the CEO of US Money Reserve. In the past, Koch worked three jobs in order to support herself and her family. With the three jobs, she was able to develop a sense of added responsibility as well as a very strong work ethic.

After working a number of jobs, Angela would attain a position at US Money Reserve. Within a few years she would become one of the managers of the company. She would prove to be a very effective manager and eventually became the chief executive officer.

US Reserve is a company based in Texas that specializes in selling a wide range of precious metals to investor customers. It offers a number of coins that are made out of metals such as gold and silver. These coins have been available to help customers invest in valuable assets that are able to enhance their wealth and investment portfolio.

For nearly 20 years, US Money Reserve has been quite innovative as it has developed commemorative coins of past presidents and monarchs. As well as offering gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve also provides educational materials to help customers learn more about the precious metals markets.

Customers of US Money Reserve are also able to get support which will help them get advice on how to invest in precious metals and how they can benefit their investment portfolio.

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Not A Miracle, Neurocore Is The Real Deal


At the age of eight, Jackson Pojeski had to endure sleepless nights, problems focusing and, other harsh symptoms commonly associated with ADHD. After intensive treatment with Neurocore, the young child was finally functional.

The Neurocore center uses a brain training program that incorporates deep breathing techniques into a system keeping track of brain activity, called neurofeedback. Everybody of any can use these methods. Despite the severity of ADHD, which calls for both medication and behavioral therapy, most patients diagnosed only take prescription medicine.

Neurocore’s clinic in Grandville has a therapy room where patients have their breathing, heart, and brain waves monitored by electrodes as they watch a movie. Neurocore clinical specialist Rochelle Fintelman describes this technique as “a reward system for the brain.” When the brain is perfectly balanced the movie keeps playing, but if unbalanced it pauses and the brain instantly corrects itself. Some of the top factors for choosing Neurocore is that it doesn’t require purchasing a lifetime of treatment and there are no side effects.

Founded in 2004, Neurocore has five centers in Michigan and two in Boca Raton, Florida. Neurocore offers drug-free care to individuals living with: ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, migraines, insomnia, and stress. They have an in-center program, an at-home program, counseling and therapy, and a memory boot camp.

The in-center program hosts the biofeedback and neurofeedback training, both of which go hand in hand with one another. Clients that undergo this training are shown to have improved mood, increased energy, and better sleep, just to name some of the benefits. Neurocore Thrive is an at-home mobile program that gives clients a personalized guide based on their brain information assessment. From the comfort of home and with just a smartphone, a client can connect with a qualified brain coach. Refer to This Article for related information.

It is no secret that the older we get, the less we are able to remember. Neurocore’s Memory Boot Camp aims to find a solution for this problem. Similarly to the Thrive program, the client’s assessment is made first. The client is then given a personal brain coach to work with for 30 one-on-one sessions. Click Here for more information.


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Family Ownership Will Remain at the Heart of Highly Authentic, Iconic Gump’s Brand


The people of San Francisco are thrilled that the iconic Gump’s luxury brand has been acquired by new ownership. The move promises to usher in a new era for one of the city’s and nation’s most beloved outlets for the kind of items that just can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Products of exotic and unique quality have been part of Gump’s San Francisco for more than a century-and-a-half. The store was originally founded in 1861 by brothers Solomon and Gustav Gump. The enterprising men originally sold mirrors and frames but quickly expanded their wares to include European artwork, fantastic furniture, dining ware and fabulous jewelry.

The Gump’s were unique in their approach. They scoured the globe – including points across Europe and the Far East – to bring items to their San Francisco customers that were simply unlike anything any other merchant sold.

Gump’s has always prided itself as a family-owned business. The Chachas family will continue that tradition. John and Diane began investing in the company as far back as 2007. Their children, Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas, will be the new majority owners. They are gearing up to relaunch Gump’s across North America and Europe in the coming months.

Gump’s has headquarters in San Francisco and New York, New York.

Anne Chachas said upholding the company’s rich history and its special aura of authenticity will be an extremely important element of the way the company is presented going forward. Even Antoinette Gump, the great, great-granddaughter of the company founder, said she is delighted that Gump’s will retain a family-ownership quality under the Chachas siblings. Refer to This Article for related information.

Anne Chachas said she is delighted that Gump’s will be open for business for Christmas 2019. That will make for 158 holiday seasons for this All-American brand with a special place in the hearts of millions of customers.


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