Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Girl’s new Best Friend

When the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, unveiled her 18 carat sapphire engagement ring, she set off a new trend for women all over the world or perhaps she just resurrected an old one. Before the twentieth century, sapphires were the preferred choice by women for engagement rings, and with their striking and brilliant colors, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a new trend in engagement rings with these beautiful and unique gemstones.

Make a statement with sapphires
More and more women are choosing sapphires over diamonds for engagement rings and other fine jewelry because sapphires are not the usual old story. There is no denying that diamonds are beautiful, but sapphires have a look all their own that few gemstones can compare with, and with their remarkable deep blue color, sapphires work perfectly to accentuate outfits, shoes, and handbags. When paired with diamonds, rubies, amethyst, or other gemstones, sapphire engagement rings really make a bold and powerful statement.

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and while the most common color for the gemstone is blue, sapphires also come in some truly amazing and stunning colors. If you really want an engagement ring that is unlike any other, then a peach, orange, white, purple, or green sapphire engagement ring can make any bride the envy of everyone around her.

Another reason for the growing popularity of sapphire engagement rings is the price. With the cost of sapphires being significantly less than diamonds, larger and ornately cut sapphires can be set as the centerpiece then offset with diamonds or other precious gemstones. to create some amazing engagement rings and other unique jewelry.

Natural vs synthetic
If you truly want a sapphire engagement ring that is unlike any other then you want to go natural. With the perfect balance of hue, saturation, and tone, natural sapphires make for the best and most eye-catching engagement rings. Hue is the basic color of the sapphire. and can range from blue, slightly green, strong purple, and slightly purple. Saturation is the gemstones color purity or intensity. If a sapphire has an excellent saturation rating it is referred to as vivid. Tone refers to the amount of color in the sapphire. Tone can range from very light to very dark, but sapphires with a medium tone are considered the best. While a synthetic or lab created sapphire can look much like a natural one, there is nothing quite like the real thing created by mother nature.