Neurocore And The Development of EEG Testing

Neurocore is a company based out of Livonia, Michigan that focuses on making the world a better place for people who struggle with mental health and behavioral challenges by giving them more options and strategies in which to treat the conditions that they suffer from. They do this by learning as much about the brain as they can and improving on already existing strategies.

Neurocore is working to provide new solutions for mental conditions like ADHD, anxiety, ASD, Depression, Memory, Migraines, Sleep issues, and stress. They do this by starting their patients out with an initial comprehensive assessment analysis which looks at their brainwaves through qEEG technology, heart rate, and breathing patterns and use all of that data to get a clear picture of what is happening in your brain. They then use your unique brain data as a guide and create a customized treatment plan to your brain to help your brain function more efficiently.

An electroencephalogram which is more commonly known as an EEG is a test performed on the brain by use of small metal discs that just stick onto the head and do not invade your head or cause pain in any way.

The metal electrodes are attached to the scalp, and the scalp then sends electrical impulses out to the screen in the form wavy lines which doctors look at and make their diagnosis from. The earliest EEG that doctors used was designed to tell doctors whether a patient had epilepsy or not but with the development of science and technology, doctors now use it to diagnose and treat mental disorders like strokes, sleep issues, tumors, brain swelling, brain injuries, ADHD and ADD, and more.

EEG signals were being used in the 1960s and it began having medical implementation throughout the 1960s and the 1970s. However, it was not until the mid-1990s that digital computers were able to look at EEGs and analyze them and use that data to begin finding strategies to help with mental disorders.

Over the last few years, EEG technology has become more and more affordable, and companies like Neurocore are using this calculating power to guage how fast or slow the brain waves are working which helps them isolate the root of issues you are facing so that they can work towards permanent solutions of getting rid of symptoms that people face with mental illnesses.

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Grace Farms Offers The Best Environment To Enjoy The Offerings Of Nature


If you are looking for an environment where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, then consider visiting Grace Farms.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is an 80-acre piece of land located in Fairfield County. It is a public community center that is open seven days a week and offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of natures’ offerings. Grace Farms was started by Sharon Prince, through Grace Farms Organization, to give people space where they could enjoy a serene environment that can lead to peace of mind.

Summers are some of the best moments for one to visit Grace Farms. This is the time when the farm is blooming with all manner of beautiful colors and wildlife. Some animal species that migrate during the winters come back for the summers hence creating the best ambiance for the visitors to enjoy natures’ gifts. This is also the time when visitors can engage in the catch-and-release fish game that goes on around the year. Read This Article for more information.

Grace Farms has always been about creating the best environment for people to enjoy the gifts of nature. From the day they acquired this farm, the main goal of Grace Farms Foundation has always been to restore the biological aspect of the land. Sharon Prince, the CEO of Grace Farms Foundation, acknowledged in 2017 that the organization would be doing a lot more to see this land become an illustration of a sustainable ecosystem.


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has always been enthusiastic about doing things that would be of great help other people. She has always believed in the power of philanthropy, and this is the reason she is making an effort to make Grace Farms a ground for creative thinking and a place where worthy initiatives can be sourced. Today, Sharon Prince is working with others to fight vices such as slavery across the world.

She co-hosted a gathering with the United Nations University called “Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict” to help victims of war. Human trafficking is high in countries torn by war. The program was meant to educate people about the issue of human trafficking and what can be done to eliminate it.


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Sharon Prince & The Grace Farms Foundation Celebrate Earth Day

Founded by Sharon Prince, the Grace Farms Foundation aims to help preserve and enhance natural habitats across New England. Set on 80 acres of land, the non-profit has been somewhat successful in doing so in the past few years.

During this time, it’s helped to rebuild a significant amount of natural habitats in the area by reclaiming them from the commercial use that had previously dominated the region. This has led to a few dozen species returning to, and thriving in, the area. One of the most notable examples of this has been the bird population that has continued to grow in the region; reports suggest that Grace Farms is home to over 75 species of birds.

Along with improving and preserving the habitats, Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have focused on educating visitors about the symbiotic relationship between nature and mankind. This has been done through a variety of different talks and activities that have been popular among patrons of the center. While the Foundation hosts regular activities, it had quite a significant amount of them held on April 27 to help celebrate Earth Day. This has been an annual occurrence in the center for the past few years.

On the day, Sharon Prince and the rest of the Grace Farms welcomed visitors with a considerable amount of expert-led discussions, as well as a few different educational activities. This included workshops for both kids and adults, and a few different conversations about how humanity and nature can benefit each other, both in the short and long terms.

These conversations ranged a considerable amount of topics related to the niche, and visitors were encouraged to participate by asking questions and engaging with the experts that held the talks. There was also a variety of different tours of the Grace Farms, which were also led by experts in the niche. View Related Info Here.

An article with Garage entitled, “Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge”, discusses how Grace Farms draws on the idealism that inspired early settlers to create a just and equitable society.


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