The Story of Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning

Ken Goodrich is good at buying and fixing broken businesses. In 2013, he purchased and Goettl Air Conditioning. This was the 16th time he was doing this. Since the company had been in existence for long, it posed a greater challenge to what he was used to. The Business was in bad shape; It has no profits, and the employees were demotivated.


Goettl was facing something Goodrich had never experienced before; A legal challenge. He had a responsibility of restoring customer confidence and wiping out the legal issues. He started by improving customer morale and reminded them of the importance of making a positive impact on customers as well as other team members and the industry as a whole.


He turned the company from a money-centered one to a customer-centered one.

The second strategy was to give back to the community. Goettl helped an old woman by replacing her Swap cooler with a new unit.


Slowly, the company started building its image, and everything started coming together. Goettl has recorded a 500 percent growth since Goodrich took over. The company has a presence in Southern California, Tucson, and Las Vegas. It generates a revenue of over $50 every year.



About Goettl Air Conditioning

The company, which was originally started by Gust and Adam (brothers) in 1939. Goettl then grew to become one of the most popular mass production center for evaporation coolers and other related innovations in the cooling and heating space. There is a point in time when the company held over 100 patents.


In 2013, the Ted and Adam (grandsons of Adam Goettl) became the founders and co-owners of Goettl’s High Desert Mechanica. Since 1987, the company has serviced thousands of homes and businesses in Central and Northern Arizona.