The Oxford Club Offer Financial Advice

The Oxford Club has given its loyal followers incredible advice over the years. That advice has helped people make fortunes of their own without a problem. Now, we’re going to be able to see their guidance in the world of alt coins with Investment U, their educational branch, and the advice given on how to invest in the new electronic currency market. This market is giving people an entirely new way of thinking about the private capital world and the potential for a revolution is in the works. Some alt coins are already worth $20,000 a piece. That’s one reason people rely on the Oxford Club to provide them with information.

Investment U isn’t just another guidance program or some self help nonsense. It gives people a complete and total understanding of everything they will need to know before they decide to make the dive. Private capital is a risky world and you need to be prepared for everything that can happen, but for those who are ready the future is certainly bright. There are so many options for those wishing to get into alt coins and those who wish can actually create their own alt coins to profit from.

The most beautiful thing about the work of the Oxford Club isn’t that they give you some good advice to invest with. They are an elite group of investors and you can clearly see that with just about everything they do. They want you to know how the top of the private capital world looks and they show the entire process. Nobody has to worry about making the wrong choices if they decide to use the Oxford Club to their advantage. That’s why it’s been in business as long as it has.

The alt coin market is only beginning to come to fruition, but the rewards are already quite visible. Over time, people will eventually see the Oxford Club as a pioneer in this emerging market, but only time will tell how strong their impact is. All signs point to an incredible victory in the long run for this elite group of investors.

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Vincent Parascandola is leveraging the Benefits of a Global Brand to Guarantee Financial Security

Vincent Parascandola is a financial expert and the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. It is a subsidiary of the AXA Group conglomerate based in France. It is affiliated with the American holding company AXA Financial. AXA Advisors handles the retail marketing arm of the group. It provides investment advisory services such as investment strategies, education loans products, life insurance, retirement planning, and estate management strategies among many others.


AXA Group is one of the top three prominent financial services companies that provides life insurance products, asset management, and financial services. AXA Financial operates AXA Advisors, MONY, US Financial Life and AXA Equitable Life Insurance. Vincent Parascandola is passionate about helping people achieve financial security. He enables consumers to identify desired financial goals and determine their risk tolerance. He empowers them to understand their current financial status and work on a plan to secure their financial future.


Customers can make quicker decisions when the process is broken down into smaller and logical steps. As a finance professional under AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola is committed to understanding each client’s unique needs. He has an in-depth understanding of the finance and insurance industry, retirement planning, and asset management. Factors such as the amount of wealth accumulated and age are essential in the search for a good retirement plan.


Vincent is then able to make solid proposals and offer customized products that set the customer on the right path to financial freedom. AXA Advisors employs experienced professionals in financial planning, law, and accounting to handle client-planning strategies. Vincent Parascandola handles the development of prolific human capital including hiring, mentoring and motivating them to become experienced financial professionals. Additionally, he is responsible for business development strategies and the overall operations of the company.


Vincent Parascandola has had a successful financial career in the group of affiliated associates. He started off in 1986 working for Irving Trust Company. He then moved to Prudential in 1976. He then joined MONY where he rose through the ranks to Field Vice President. He then held various executive positions with AXA Equitable before moving to AXA Advisors in 2004. Vincent has won many industry awards in recognition of his excellence in leadership. He is also a renowned public speaker at various industry seminars.