Jason Hope Lays Out How The IoT Can Improve Airline Service

Jason is an entrepreneur who invests in and funds startup ventures though his business called Jason Hope Business Consulting. Mr. Hope believes that anybody with a good technological idea or product deserves the chance to deliver a product and offer it to people.

This is why he holds special grants for high school and college students who have a tech idea or company that they wish to startup. Hope believes that most new tech developments will come from the younger generation and that is why he is willing to invest in young students.

One of the trends that Jason Hope closely monitors in the tech industry is the internet of things. The IoT refers to the connectivity of devices to other devices or the internet. You can think of smartphones, smart parking meters, connected cameras and smart TVs as an example of the internet of things at play. Jason Hope constantly publishes articles on the internet of things and its impact on the web. Below is a brief snippet of an article of Jason Hope that outlines how the IoT is improving airline service.

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One way that the internet of things can improve the airline experience is by making it more personal. Beacons in the airport that are connected to your smartphone can alert you if your flight is about to depart. They can also guide you where to go if you are in a new airport and do not know your way around. Beacons can even tell you of nearby restaurants, shops and also alert you if your flight is delayed. Just imagine a future where the internet of things is making your airport experience more personal, comfortable and time efficient says Jason Hope.

Learn more about Jason Hope: http://www.wingsjournal.com/jason-hope-airlines-internet-of-things.

Encouraging An Entrepreneurship Culture in the Society

Entrepreneurship is the solution to unemployment. Most people are afraid of taking the risk of entrepreneurship because of lack of mentorship. Mike Baur is changing this situation by creating a start-hub that mentors young entrepreneurs by equipping them with knowledge. Mike Baur is more interested in digital entrepreneurs. This is because he has a wealth of experience in ICT. His skills and expertise are a channel of help for the young entrepreneurs. This enables them to have access to resources that they could not access in normal circumstances. Such initiatives are the ones that develop the society in different dimensions because they are solving some of the popular challenges. The incubator that equips the young digital entrepreneurs with resources, skills, and a pool of network with the major partners facilitates them to achieve the goals that they have for their companies. The program involves a three-month long mentorship where the young entrepreneurs are challenged to develop the solutions using their start-ups. This enables the young entrepreneurs to have a wider scope of approaching different issues and connects them with a source of various resources. Mike Baur stretches the young entrepreneurs. This enlarges their capacities, and they are in a better position to tackles challenges and overcome them.


Mike Baur has more than 20 years of experience working with the Swiss Bank. This enables him to access some of the financial resources that the young entrepreneurs need for their businesses to grow. The young entrepreneurs can expose their products to different interested partners who build their brands through such opportunities. Different people have benefitted from the program that makes it credible and a valuable product to young entrepreneurs. These are some of the opportunities that young people should use to develop themselves and their ideas. This will enable them to achieve their goals and build their products. Mike Baur is also the founder of the Start-up Association of Swiss. This is another platform for all founders. It is a networking opportunity for the different individuals. This enables the founders to attract different resources that are key to the development of the start-ups. People can interact and learn from the various people on the different methods of overcoming common challenges through such a body. Young entrepreneurs should take such opportunities and engage them in developing their products. These opportunities will enable more people to be interested in entrepreneurship, and this will advance people economically.


Dick DeVos Brings Passion To His Giving

There are various ways of giving that people can do regarding helping people. One of the ways is by giving money to charities. By giving money to charities, people are able to help people who need help without having to go out to help people individually. This is much easier for most people and far less complicated. When people give to charities, the charities already have people who they know are in need. With the money that is received from people who give to charities, the charities can provide the help each person needs.


There are many people who understand the importance of giving to charities. They realize that charities are created to help with specific needs. As a result, people can decide on what charity to give money to based in part on what particular help the charities provide to people in need. While charities received many contributions ranging in dollar amount, all contributions are welcomed no matter the size of the contributions.


However, there are occasions when charities receive very large contributions from individuals. These contributions are not the norm and the help that charities can provide from some of these large contributions is enormous. An individual who has given many large contributions to charities is Dick DeVos. A successful businessman, Dick DeVos is worth millions of dollars. He has a passion for helping people, so he gives generously to various charities. Over the years, Dick DeVos has given close to 139 million dollars to charities.


A Philanthropist who is recognized for his contributions to charities, Dick DeVos has been in the public eye for many years regarding his financial contributions. He helps many different causes through his giving. However, there are some causes that are special to him and his family.


One of the causes that is special to Dick DeVos and his family is education. His wife Betsy DeVos has been a champion of improving education and helping people to get education for decades. As a result, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have provided numerous contributions to charities and organizations that help in relation to education. They have also provided scholarships to students and given money to help build schools to offer quality education to students in the areas. Although education is a special concern of Dick DeVos, he always gives to various causes because there are many worthwhile causes that he wants to help support.


Dick DeVos is a successful businessman who understands the power of money. He understands the impact that giving money to worthwhile causes can achieve. Dick DeVos is a leader. He has held high executive positions at corporations such as the Orlando Magic and Amway. Also, he is currently the President of the Windquest Group. The passion that Dick DeVos has for business is also shown in other areas of his life such as the contributions he gives to help others.



The Amazing Life Of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most powerful men in the world. He has used this enormous power to topple some of the most undemocratic regimes on earth, regimes that in some cases had held power for decades. George is just as involved in domestic issues; influencing American politics and culture more than any other living individual. George Soros is New York-based hedge fund manager with a personal fortune estimated to be over $13 billion, add to that, the $25 billion managed by his firm and you can see how he can use his fortune to influence causes he thinks are worthy of his efforts. George Soros realized as a young man, “money does not make the world go round,” but having money enables him to engage in social issues that concern him. His desires to change the world in general and America in particular with a new way of thinking that conforms to his ideas of social justice on Biography. George has a sense of humor, describing himself as a nut who wants to have an impact on how the world works.

The early life of George Soros is an incredible chapter in his life. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, to a non-practising Jewish family, George Soros was subjected to persecution by the Nazis after their occupation of Budapest in 1944. His father decided to split up the family, hoping to minimize the possible murder of everyone in it. Through a series of forged papers, identifying the family as Christians, he was able to bribe individual Gentile families to take them into their homes. George wound up in the home of a Hungarian government official who claimed him as his Christian godson. While the official participated in the confiscation of Jewish property, George was only 14 years old and was nothing more than a spectator on NYTimes; He did not realize the ramifications of what he sometimes witnessed. Somehow the family survived and moved to England in 1947.

George Soros attended the London School of Economics, where a professor teaching at the school exposed him to the concept of an open society. Soros later stated this man became his “spiritual mentor” who introduced him to themes that would influence his thinking for the rest of his life. He graduated in 1952 and joined the firm of Singer and Friedlander where he became an expert in international arbitrage. Moving to New York in 1956 he went to work as a stock trader on Wall Street, at the time he did not particularly care for the United States, intending to leave after he accumulated enough money to return to Europe. We all know this did not happen, in fact, in 1991 George Soros became a U.S. citizen and one of the most successful businessmen in American history. There is much more to learn about this fascinating man; this article contains information from a recent piece in Discover the Networks.org.

A Great Place To Eat Is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

When people go to shopping malls, among the things they expect are places to buy clothing or electronics such as smartphones. However, they would not think that a mall would be a place to go to eat unless they are looking for fast food. However, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a lot of restaurants available that present people with carefully cooked and prepared food from the menu. These meals are very high in quality and have some great bold flavors to them. At the same time, they are prepared as slowly as in a fine dining restaurant. This is one thing that makes Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping stand out from other malls.

It is not just that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has fine dining restaurants. It is that it has all types of establishments that allow people to eat the types of foods they want. Therefore, they are faced with a lot of options for their enjoyment. Local residents and travelers alike get to enjoy some of the food that they have to offer. Travelers get to enjoy some of the food that comes with the culture of Brazil. While it is nice to enjoy any type of food from any of the restaurants at Manaira Shopping, one of the best experiences come with the ability to choose some of the rare and unique dishes at the higher quality restaurants.

Read more: http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/shoppings-de-joao-pessoa-nao-sao-afetados-pela-crise-manaira-shopping-de-roberto-santiago-e-um-dos-exemplos-shtml/

Another reason to eat at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a lot to do with the social experience that comes with eating. The environment of the mall and the restaurants are very relaxing. They also offer a lot of high quality drinks that will allow people to relax their minds and their bodies as they enjoy the great tasting meals that are presented to them. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping makes sure that the experience is welcoming and fun. Read more article at pbagora.com.

Business Consultation For The 21st Century

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jason Hope? Are you interested in the field of technology? More than likely you probably haven’t heard of this remarkable guy, but he has done some major things in the technology industry. Unfortunately it seems like the credit is never issued to the people who actually make a difference in society, but more so for entertainers and professional athletes. This is the world we live in, but just know that there are many talented people in this world who don’t necessarily make a living from holding a mic or throwing a ball.

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Technologist Jason Hope has been a major influencer in the field of technology. This guy has his hands in a number of projects that span across many industries. Technology is his game and he has used it to build a successful career and comfortable lifestyle. Jason Hope has a broad educational background that focuses in business. The Arizona State University Graduate has a Degree in Finance as well as an MBA. This has laid the groundwork to success and he’s used every bit of it to make a name for himself. Jason Hope also offers consultation services to up and coming technologist and start-up businesses. This service has been found to be very thorough and beneficial as it is designed to provide that extra push to help others succeed. This is just the kind of guy he is as he’s done many philanthropic things for society in-general.

SENS Research Foundation benefits as well from Jason Hope as he’s donated half a million dollars for it’s cause as well as many hours of his time. If everyone had the same mindset of this individual, the world would be a much better place.

Learn more about Jason Hope at https://www.investing.com/analysis/the-reason-behind-netgear’s-30-stock-increase-200173084

Jason Halpern of JMH Development

JMH Development is a company dedicated to creating long lasting buildings and dwelling places, from hotels to luxury apartments. Several of this companies buildings have even been restorative projects of well loved historical buildings. The founder of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, expresses his and his companies dedication to create beautiful, long lasting buildings avidly, and proves it even more so. He expresses his extreme respect and thankfulness to the communities he works with for allowing him to use and revitalize historical landmarks and properties, ensuring that they can continue to be used and appreciated for many more decades to come.

In September of 2014, Jason Halpern’s company was celebrating the finishing touches of one such project; the revitalization of a water front motel, Aloft South Beach, into something bigger and more beautiful, while keeping close to its roots. Aloft South Beach used to be a motel by the name of Ankara.

There are many projects like this, most of them involved with living spaces and boarding, though the company also branches out into other aspects as well, creating and refurbishing buildings for other businesses, one such being Brooklyn Heights, New York’s 70 Henry Street Boutique Condo. The site for this Boutique Condo used to be the home of a cinema in the historic area. According to CoStar, the decision made by Landmarks Preservation Commission was favorably unanimous. The new building is designed in such a way that the exterior of the 120 year old building, paying homage and letting the people around continue to appreciate it’s architectural beauty.

Jason Halpern is a man who heads a company rooted in respect for the past, that seeks to learn from and appreciate the past rather than tearing it down completely for the sake of something “new”.

Leading By Example

A smart business person understands how to find the needs in a particular market and develop strategy to satisfy it. Identifying the holes within a particular industry is what puts an organization ahead of others who are competing for the same customers. John Goullet used his sharp sense of vision to create an innovative business model that addressed an issue within the tech industry that had not been satisfied. His technical staffing company was a breath of fresh air to an industry in dire need of new technicians.

John Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technologies was a staffing and consulting company. The organization had great success in recruiting talented technicians and placing them with the proper employees. Staffing is a crucial part of any industry. Technical companies often require individuals with specific certifications and skills. These certifications are hard to come by and many other companies do not post job openings on public forums. This greatly increased the value of the service that John provided with Info Technologies. The company grew rapidly and was worth over 30 million dollars after only five years.

The success of Info Technologies inspired John to achieve bigger goals. He wanted to make an impact on a much larger scale and believed that teaming with another successful organization would help accomplish such a mission. Info Technologies eventually merged with Diversant Inc. The enterprise would be called Diversant LLC. John Goullet was named Principal of the new organization. Since the merger the Diversant LLC has achieved award-winning accomplishments. Its rapid growth is the result of John’s vision and leadership.

John Goullet began his career as an IT consultant. He gained valuable experience while assisting other companies with their business models. Working with different organizations allowed John to develop an accurate picture of where the IT industry was headed. His ability to make progressive decisions is what placed him in the forefront of his industry as an entrepreneur. John earned a master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College in 1983. The education was the foundation needed to support his ambitions during the early stages of his career.

Igor Cornelsen Leads His Investors On A Global Investment Journey


The life and career of Igor Cornelsen has taken him on an incredible journey to success that should have led to an enjoyable retirement playing golf in Florida; however, Igor Cornelsen is not the kind of person to simply sit back and give up on the financial career he has built over a number of decades. Igor Cornelsen has now brought his skills to the Bainbridge Investments group he has been working with as an investment specialist and consultant for a client list that now reaches around the world.


As a financial specialist Igor Cornelsen has the kind of career experience it is difficult to replicate for the clients he works with at Bainbridge. Cornelsen spent the majority of his career working in the Brazilian banking industry where he built a reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted leaders in the country; the work of Igor took him to some of the top banks in Brazil and allowed him to build an understanding of the Brazilian financial industry and the way global investing should be completed. Cornelsen became an important figure for many in Brazil when he was trusted to guide many of the top banks in the country through the difficult financial period at the start of the 21st century.


The global approach Igor Cornelsen has always taken to the financial industry is also shown in the way he interacts with the impressive client list at Bainbridge Investments. Igor does not believe he should invest the funds of his clients without allowing them the chance to understand how and why financial transactions are taking place, and allows every client the chance to play an active role in how their funds are being handled at all times. Tripod points out that not only does Igor Cornelsen take an innovative approach to investing, but he feels the chance to continue a long term investment strategy pays off to a greater extent than chasing short term deals that constantly leave financial specialists hunting for the next big deal.  Read more about Igor’s advice on where Brazil’s economy is going on PRLog.

Sam Tabar’s Leadership and Financial Management Skills


Sam Tabar is a financial strategist and a New York-based attorney. Sam has led a very exciting and impeccable career. He holds degrees in law from Columbia School of Law and Oxford University.

He started his career as an associate at Skadden Arps, Meagher, Roth $ Zabel and later moved onto capital strategy and business development. Although successfully earn two recent positions one, as the CEO of the Full Cycle Energy Fund and as the Chief Financial Officer of the Awearable Apparel.

In 2013, while still serving as an associate attorney for Schulte, Sam also worked at Merrill Lynch & Co. lnc, as the Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. Tobar has also worked in many other companies including the Sparx Group (PMA) where he was the Co-Head Marketing.

In his recent article on the question, when parents should stop supporting their adult children, Sam Tabar has perfectly shown his wisdom in the way he handles life. This wisdom is well presented by the various investment strategies he used. He has a sound knowledge of minimizing losses and making huge profits. His outstanding skills have earned him trust from many people.

From the hedge funds, Sam has gained sufficient knowledge on the financial industry, understanding that has boosted his economic prosperity.

He has an extensive experience and expertise in hedge fund strategy and management. From his legal training, Sam gained a keen eye and unique perspective in the hedge fund management. Sam has proven his ability to raise to even greater heights. He instills people with innovative minds on how they can raise their standards and others.

He warns the parents who support their adult children to take an honest look at the future after they retire and the fate of their children after they are gone. He discourages parents from risking their financial lives on account of their children who are capable of supporting themselves.

Money management is one of the most critical skills every investor should own. Proper management of money is an elemental sign of discipline, intelligence and responsibility. As an example, Sam has shown how good he on issues about money management.

Through the article and his life, Sam Tabar has proven himself as one of the greatest game changers to keep watch. He is one of the best leaders the current generation needs.  With his appointment to COO of FullCycle Fund, Sam plans to do many things to help the company, and the future of clean energy.