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Ashley Brasier is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners an investment firm based in Silicon Valley. Lightspeed Venture Partners focuses on investing in early-stage companies that are geared towards creating and innovating new solutions in the consumer industries. She serves as one of the firm’s partners and focuses on the female-driven consumer retail market. She enjoys providing female entrepreneurs with capital to launch their products on a global scale. She understands that women are the earliest adopters of consumer technology and women-led companies have gone on to represent one-third of all Lightspeed backed ventures.

Ashley Lightspeed sat down to talk with about the idea for Lightspeed, her typical day and trends that excite her.

The idea for Lightspeed Venture Partners goes back a few years. Ashley Lightspeed was working for a company called Thumbtack as a category manager. She wanted to continue her higher education so she left her job to enroll in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. However, while in school she felt her work with Thumbtack was incomplete. She approached Thumbtack to work part-time as a consultant with the marketing team. She found that working as a consultant was a natural fit and after a few months of only working with Thumbtack she began consulting for other firms. This led to her becoming interested in investing and meeting with her partners to form Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Each day at Lightspeed Venture Partners is different for Ashley Brasier. She spends the day in San Francisco meeting with entrepreneurs, listening to pitches, looking over company portfolios and attending meetings. Brasier looks forward to each day as she enjoys meeting new people and hearing the creative ideas they present.

The trends that excite Ashley Lightspeed are new businesses and services that are being geared for the older demographic. The Baby Boomer generation is retiring and by 2033 there will be more seniors than young people in the United States. These means there will be a whole new market of retirees to market it too. She is excited to see what services and products will be created for these retirees. Learn more:

The Power 100 and a Whole New Popularity for Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez

Women have become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. More and more women are getting tired of taking back seat to their male counterparts. And this rise of talent and ambition is getting some people a lot more interest.

Take Desiree Perez as a prime example. In a sense she is standing with a male peer. In this case it’s JAY-Z. But she’s ranking one spot higher on the power 100. This is rather remarkable given her position as Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Roc Nation is a business owned by JAY-Z. So having someone in his employee rank higher in the power 100 is notable to say the least.

Of course it’s important to remember that the ranking is friendly competition. Desiree Perez and JAY-Z aren’t just employer and employee. The pair are also fast friends who really enjoy what the other brings to any partnership. It’s one of the reasons that they work so well together.

And of course JAY-Z is human. Another thing he likes is when someone can increase his fortune. And that’s something that Desiree Perez has been able to do with Roc Nation. She’s one of the dominant women in the music industry for good reason. This talented woman gets the results she goes after.

She’s one of the true legends among music executives. And in many ways she’s been one of the influencers who made JAY-Z who he is today. She showcases that a woman can hold a position of power and influence even when her name isn’t quite as well known. The kingmakers aren’t always behind the scenes anymore. And Desiree Perez has shown herself to be one of the best of the best when it comes to generating influence.

Desiree Perez

Isabel Dos Santos New Life at Unitel

Isabel Dos Santos, Africa’s richest woman recently lost her powerful role in Unitel. Even though she is expected to remain within its management, Isabel is not expected to have any visible roles.

Unitel is the leading telecommunications operator in Angola. Until recently, Isabel Dos Santos served in its management, where she had a say in its day-to-day operations. The entrepreneur, who has in the past being described as savvy and tactful in all her dealings is expected to continue serving in her management capacity, but without any issues.

According to a source familiar with the company operations, Isabel served as the chairman of the board of directors at the Telco. However, her term recently came to an end, which occasioned her exit from this powerful position.

A statement released after a recent shareholder’s meetings praised her performance and technical qualities while at the helm of the company. It goes on to state that the appointment to this board was based on good faith principles, and was aimed at furthering the company’s interests.

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The Incoming Board

Despite the numerous statements released by the company as well as the board of directors, one thing is clear: Isabel Dos Santos will no longer be the company’s director. She is instead expected to take up her new role as an administrator.

Unitel has gone ahead and appointed a new director general to handle its operations. It is expected that Miguel Geraldes will take up the new position on May 6, 2019. Miguel formerly worked with Huawei in South Africa.

Many have noted that the new proposal forwarded by Sonangol in partnership with PT Ventures has come at a very interesting moment. This is because Isabel is expected to face legal proceedings for allegedly mismanaging the company’s finances. It is the main reason why she was pushed out of her seat.

What is interesting is that despite being replaced, a Parisian court has ruled that other company shareholders will also need to part with as much as 600 million euros as compensation money. As for Isabel Dos Santos, she no longer has the mandate to speak on behalf of the company or determine the direction that it should take going forward.

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