Figueroa Camera Instructions

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a famous entrepreneur in Panama. He owns several businesses in Panama. He also assists Startup companies in their expansion and success journey. Panama is historically famous as a tourist and business center. Figueroa is often excited by the blend of excitement and vibrancy the city presents. He is marveled with the amazing glass skyscraper landmarks, the Panama Canal, and the modern art galleries of the city. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also takes pleasure in exploring the DiabloRosso region of Panama. This is home to the modern art galleries filled with world famous and local artistry works. Figueroa enjoys taking photos of the art pieces and gives some guidelines on how to achieve better images when taking pictures with Smartphone. He states that Smartphone Cameras have various inbuilt weaknesses and strengths. A Smartphone user can reach exceptional image qualities by putting emphasis on the good and downplaying terrible ones. Source:

Crop but not Zoom
Many Smartphone presents the digital zoom function on However, the renowned expert advises people to keep away from the function. He says that zoomed images are degraded since the phone camera only extrapolates what is there and do not capture the real image as expected. He concludes that zoomed images are ugly on the first impressions. Figueroa says that when you crop an image, you are merely sampling the recorded image pixels. The image’s quality is substantially improved.

Editing but not Filtering
Figueroa declares that the last thing you can afford is painting the images with the same filters that many people use on Sharing the same overused elements is old fashion. He suggests the acquisition of best full-on image apps such as iPhoto, Photoshop Express, or SnapSeed. These apps allow Smartphone users to make realistic adjustments like sharpness, color, temperature, and contrast.

Avoiding the Flash
Figueroa also affirms that most Smartphones have flashes that do not flash well. They are overvalued LED flashlights on Facebook forced into a function that they are not equipped to perform. He says that flashlights are bright though the color temperature is unpleasant. They end up not freezing the action in the frame. Most flashlights also have prolonged duration. Hence, they make an image terribly-lit and blurry. It is also important to note that the flash is located close to the camera lens which turns out facial images with unpleasant looking ‘demon eyes.’ He advises Smartphone users to find alternative light sources when shooting in dark or lowly light areas.