Things to Learn From Clay Siegall’s Professional Career

Dr. Clay Siegall is a Seattle-based health practitioner and the founder of Settle Genetics, a biotech company that develops therapy drugs for health complications that have not shown improvements in mortality rate in decades. Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, the firm produced the first FDA, a drug recommended for treatment of several approved indications. The firm has also signed strategic partnership agreements with drug producers like Pfizer, Bayer and others.


Dr. Siegall’s Interests in Health Matters


Dr. Siegall developed interests in cancer treatment when he was still a student taking a Zoology course at the University of Maryland. In an interview with Inspirery, he revealed that a close relative almost died after being subjected to cancer treatment therapies. He also realized there were worse treatments such as amputation and radical surgery. The doctor explained that the firm earns revenue through distribution of its own FDA, approving technologies they have developed, as well as through its partnership programs.


Seattle Genetics has dynamic sales representatives with strong foundation of biotech and the entire business. The company hired very talented salespersons in early 2000 and was able to close very critical deals. Dr. Siegall believes his success is due to hard work and dedication. Although the pharmaceutical industry has many risks, Seattle Genetics has managed to standout, and it is a company to watch in this industry.


Professional Life of Clay Siegall


Dr. Clay Siegall studied at The University of Maryland for his B.S. in zoology and later joined George Washington University for his PhD in genetics. In 1998, Siegall established Seattle Genetics, where he serves as the Chair of the Board, CEO and the President. The firm was established on a strong foundation of technological innovations and scientific research with a goal of helping patients to recover from ailments.


Dr. Siegall began his career in 1988 where he was working at a cancer research institute, and later he joined a pharmaceutical company from 1991 to 1997. He has authored 70 plus publications and is entitled to 15 patents. Clay Siegall advises other entrepreneurs to interact with very smart individuals with expertise and experience in different areas.