Luckily, say no to dry lips. Thanks to Lip Balm. In every woman’s purse, you will never miss a lip balm. Lip balm is the trending way of ensuring that your lips are not dry. There are various lip balms available in the market. This article outlines the best affordable lip balms in the market to sooth your dry lips.


To top up the list is the Evolution of Smooth, also known as Eos lip balms. According to, Evolution of Smooth lip balm is rich in vitamin E, blended with jojoba oil, delightful shea butter and pleasantly flavored natural lip balms. The Evolution of Smooth lip balm is ideal to the lips due to; they are natural, petrolatum free, and dermatologist tested to sooth every dry lip.

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms comes in different varieties to choose. The product line-up consists of;

  1. a) Organic smooth spheres with; passion fruit, or strawberry sorbet, or blueberry acai or pomegranate raspberry
  2. b) Visibility soft-smooth spheres; Vanilla mint or coconut milk or blackberry nectar.
  3. c) Shimmer smooth areas with sheer pink or pearl
  4. d) Active Protection smooth spheres with lemon twist with SPF or Fresh grapefruit
  5. e) Organic-smooth sticks with pomegranate raspberry, or vanilla bean or sweet mint
  6. f) Multipacks

EOS lip balms products are considered to be the best brand used by America idols such as Christina Aguilera, Hillary DUFF, Demi Lovato and Bar Rafaeli. Its growth in the market since its introduction made it climb the ladder to the best-selling lip balm in the country. Evolution of Smooth lip balms is now competing with long serving and famous brands such as Burt’s Bees, Blistex and Chapstick. From as little as $ 4.32 to as high as $ 7.21 get your Evolution of Smooth lip balms on Walmart now!


Beessential orange ginger lip balm does not only nourish and smooth dry lips, but it also produces an awful scent. Unlike other lip balms, Beessential orange ginger lip balm is not waxy or thick it is extraordinarily moisturizing. It goes for only $ 2.99.