Why Sujit Choudry is Passionate About Spain and Catalonia

Have you ever wondered why Sujit Choudry has so much interest in Spain and Catalonia? As the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, he has always approached his research as the most important when it involves speaking directly with people on the ground, see (Medium.com). Those who live in the world every day, and are talking to other people about his topic of interest are a gold mine for him.

Most of the recent hoopla surrounding Sujit outspoken opinion on Spain and Catalonia are in regards to the open letter that he took the time to write to the governments in both countries regarding the activity in Catalonia. He didn’t write the letter alone, but made the decision along with several other constitutional experts to do so. The ultimate goal was to increase dialogue, as well as to get results from the dialogue.

What Sujit Choudry is aiming for is for the leaders of these countries to talk to each other openly, and in such a way that they can come to an agreement. Furthermore, these experts wants to know if President Puigdemont is committed to seceding. It seems that what the people want and what the president desire to see happen are two different ideas. What Sujit and his colleagues want to see happen include a true referendum from the people that show their support of him.

The people of Spain want peace, and they would like to have their independence. It seems that the people of Catalonia are getting anything but their freedom. When viewing this situation from an approach that is Constitutional, you can see that both sides are being heard and both sides get to have a say in what is happening.

The letter penned by (Sujitchoudhry.com) and those that are working alongside him have said that they wish for the government to make sure that all sides are being heard. Their position is that whatever a constitution states should be followed through on. The President did halt the signing of their Declaration of Independence, but right now many have not supported his decision.

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