Agera Energy Welcomes Its New CFO To The Fold

Agera Energy is a five year old company that is based in Briarcliff Manor, NY. They supply homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas. They also offer customers way to be more efficient with their energy usage and get some of their energy from green sources.

They are led by Chief Executive Officer Jeremy E. Schupp and Chief Operating Officer Steven Laker.

They recently hired Geoff Duda as their new chief financial officer. He has been in the retail energy industry for a long time and so was a great fit at Agera Energy. Before joining Agera Energy he had worked for Direct Energy and KPMG.

He had been at Direct Energy for seven years prior to joining Agera Energy. At that company, he had been a vice president in charge of business development and finance.

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End Your Baby’s suffering with Hyland’s Teething Tablets

As babies grow, they face many challenges. Among the main challenges that a growing baby faces, however, the teething experience tends to be the most trying for both the baby and the parent. When a child is cutting teeth, he or she has to deal with unprecedented discomforts and pain.

This discomfort and pain often cause the child react by crying or rubbing the gum. By using Hyland’s teething tablets, parents can shield their children from the pain or discomfort that they experience during this period.

Hyland’s teething tablets also help the children to avoid illnesses that may be associated with hygiene. When the children experience discomfort for a long time, they tend to react by using hands or putting things inside the mouth to ease the discomfort. This often leads to contamination by bacterial or other forms of infections, which inevitably affects the baby’s health negatively.

Hyland’s teething tablets also help the child to sleep better. The teething tablets help babies to sleep better because they eliminates the pain and enable the babies to relax and sleep.

Although Hyland’s teething tablets only provide temporary relief, they come in handy because they reduce the child and parents’ suffering during the teething period. There is also a newcomer in Hyland’s line of medicine for babies: Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. These tablets offer babies and moms relief from a wide range of symptoms that cause pain to the baby.

About Hyland’s

Hyland’s is the largest and oldest homeopathic medicines manufacturer in USA. Homeopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses tiny amounts of natural substances to help the body do the healing itself. Hyland’s has been operational for more than a century now.

During that time, the firm has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience that they have been using to help families deal with various health concerns. Other than Hyland’s teething tablets, the company also offers different solutions to problems such as stress and lack of sleep, pain remedies, cell salts, and other products.

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Organo Gold And Its Innovation In Coffee Consumption

If there is one beverage that captures the fancy of the whole world, that would be the aromatic and bitter coffee. Coffee is one of the rare beverages that even people from a different culture can enjoy together. However, the spread of this beverage worldwide took time. There are also three eras in which coffee is consumed differently. Organo Gold aims to change the coffee landscape into the new era of coffee consumption.

The Three Waves Of Coffee Consumption

The first wave of coffee consumption came in 1800s to 1980s when Folger’s and Maxwell House are the primary products tasked in waking up America. This wave is characterized by the use of instant coffee, which was invented in 1900. Its focus is to get coffee in every cup of Joes.

The second wave came up when people want to make their every cup of coffee delicious. In this wave, terms such as French Press, espresso, macchiato, and latte were born. This era is characterized by a lot of experimentation as well as the appearance of coffee’s social aspect, with Starbucks spearheading the movement.

The third and the current wave stirs coffee appreciation in every cup. People are now more aware of the production of the coffee beans as well as the way it is extracted. Organo Gold is starting the fourth wave with its healthy, delicious, and innovative products.

Organo Gold Magic

Organo Gold offers coffee beverages, flavored beverages, as well as teas in single-serve brews. What’s special with its product that it gathers key organic products that help in body management and personal care. The company managed to give a lot of health benefits in their coffee without sacrificing the rich taste and aromatic effect of high-quality coffee.

What makes Organo Gold products special is the addition of the organic ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, which is a spore that contains a lot of beneficial nutrients and antioxidant. It has been used to promote health and longevity in a lot of Asian countries. In addition to its health benefits, Organo products are also known for its rich and flavorful taste that can capture coffee drinker on each consumption wave.

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Sussex Healthcare background information and their services

Sussex Healthcare was founded in the year 1998 by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Shafik is a trained surgeon while his co-founder Boghani is experienced in hotel management. However, the two combined skills have brought a great gain to their company. The company provides care homes in Sussex among other services. Their concern mainly is on the elderly people and those that requires special care. In 2018, Amanda Morgan was employed as the Chief Executive Officer following his skills as a mental Nurse since 1984.

Sussex Healthcare is seen as one of the best healthcare centers these days as it has created a residential home and care facility for many people. They have well trained staffs who are taking care of their customers. The need for the trained staffs is because those with special needs and the elderly requires much attention as compared to normal patients. Those in Sussex Healthcare don’t feel like leaving the place following the kind of services found there. They believe that their people have to get enough access to various recreational activities and leisure. Pertaining their residential facilities, they provide nutritious meals and those who requires specials meals are also taken into consideration. Visit to know more.

Sussex Healthcare has got more than 580 living apartments where they provide both nursing and residential care. In every residential facility, they have different programs that are scheduled. These programs are reflexology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Among their different types of care are care for older people. In these, they provide accommodation, meals and some therapeutic programs in their seven residential homes. Also they have Palliative Care which is meant for those people who are ailing chronically or terminally. Dementia care is one of their main concern. This follows the aging population. Their staffs dealing on these are highly trained and are also regularly educated on the upcoming strategies for dealing with people with dementia. The residential facilities for the aged are Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Kingmen care center, Rapkyns Care home, upper med, longfield manor and Hornscastle house. Sussex Healthcare has generated revenues more than $3 million. It has also employed more than 500 employees.

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Stream Energy Philanthropic Efforts to Recover Hurricane Harvey

For every economy, energy is needed to carry out day to day activities such as manufacturing, processing, and assembling. To win the market as an energy provider, you need to come up with innovative and unique ways to distribute your energy. Stream energy is one of the organizations venturing in selling power. Since its inception in 2005, stream energy has been dealing with a variety of energy plans.

Independent associates have to choose from a variety of plans. A customer is inclined to a program that suits his economic status. Some of the programs include a smart 30 thermostat plan which allows users to control their home temperature remotely using a mobile phone. The stream budget power plan allows customers to pay monthly bill which is a bit cheaper.

Stream Energy sells energy in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Georgina, Texas, and Washington DC. It has innovated renewable energy plans that are not only environmentally friendly but also reduces the cost of living.

When hurricanes occur, there is a destruction of property, loss of lives and crumbling of business activities. Hurricane Harvey across the Houston was not an exception. The flood leads to loss of many Americans and the destruction of homes. Company’s watched helplessly as lives and property were lost. Stream energy took center stage of reawakening businesses and living standard of these residents.

For this company, philanthropy is part of their co values. The company using its fund started a charity foundation known as “stream cares.” Through the foundation, the company hopes to elevate the lives of the less privileged in the community. This noble act has enabled the company to earn respect and loyalty from their clients.

The company has an adorable business model. While selling energy directly, the company pays its associate to build a network of loyal customers. The company delivers a variety of products and service ranging from mobile phone plans to fixed-rate plans.

To strengthen its acts, the company has built a stable relationship with red cross and habitat for humanity employees. The partnership of employees and corporate leaders drives charitable acts forward in their local areas. The company has been in the front line in fighting homelessness. Through efforts of company employees, they track people who are homeless and plan how to set a roof over their heads.

Flavio Maluf: Propelling Eucatex To Greater Heights

Brazil is today considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Companies like the Eucatex Group have helped drive the country’s economy to greater heights. The company traces its roots back in 1951 where it was launched to produce building and construction material primarily.

Eucatex Group specializes in producing material that has been made from Eucalyptus wood. The company necessitates on procuring business practices that remain environmentally friendly despite using wood as their primary source of raw materials. These products include; paint, furniture, vinyl flooring, doors and panels, partitions for walls and laminated floors. Read more about Flavio at

Eucatex continues to grow by the year with most of its thriving force coming from its current CEO, Flavio Maluf. He began serving the company in 1987. Prior to joining Eucatex, Maluf studied in Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He, however, did not major too much on engineering as a career but instead joined Eucatex Group to advance its business aspect.

After a few years of gathering the company’s working ways, he moved into the management panel and eventually earned himself a position as an executive. Eucatex’ legacy continues to live through Flavio Maluf’s dedication and passion to transforming the company into a globally recognized industry.

Recently, when the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics revealed Brazil’s current economic performance in Agriculture, Maluf had a few things to say. He pointed out that the workers’ striker could have negatively affected the agricultural sector during the short periods that showed a recess. Although the data collected showed that Brazil’s economy had been doing well, some factors have interrupted its smooth growth and needed to be addressed. Flavio Maluf is among the few key entrepreneurs in Brazil that contribute to the overall development and growth of the society. Eucatex on the other hand, looks to continue growing under its gifted CEO.

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Jeunesse Global Continues to Revolutionize the Cosmetics Industry

Jeunesse Global is a cosmetics company located in the East Coast area of Southern USA. The company’s establishment dates to the year 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The core of Jeunesse Global’s business is a direct selling platform that is basically engrossed in inspiring healthy living as well as enhancing youthfulness. The main products that Jeunesse Global deals in are skin care products as well as supplements. These products are manufactured within the United States and later supplied to retailers all over the globe.

The supplements manufactured by Jeunesse Global are aimed at aiding the body in a number of ways including energy provision, flushing toxins, maintaining healthy stem cells and bodybuilding as well. On the other hand, skin care products focus on enhancing aesthetic beauty and youthfulness. From anti-aging creams to make up products, Jeunesse is going a long way in achieving its goal.

Jeunesse Global’s hair care products

Jeunesse Global just launched a hairline that goes by the name Reveal Advanced Hair Care System. This line consists of three main products; shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and a scalp infusion treatment kit in the form of a serum. The shampoo is to be used on a daily basis. The user has to wet their hair before applying the shampoo and afterward massage the scalp for a few minutes or more before washing it off. The scalp infusion treatment can be done a couple of times in a day and the conditioner once a day. Both the Scalp infusion treatment and the leave-in conditioner can be applied on either wet hair or dry hair. However, doing the infusion treatment in the shower is ill-advised.

The products in this hair care system have been manufactured using polypeptide technology. Six different polypeptides have been extracted from three different plants in each of the products. The combination is known as the Hair Polypeptide Technology 6, or otherwise, HPT 6th. The products can be used by individuals of both genders and are safe for all ages. This product has the potential of becoming the largest seller for Jeunesse Global.

Why You Need The Agera Energy Company

There are many reasons why you might want to make use of the Agera Energy company. For one, you are able to quickly and easily find the service provider in your area who is going to provide you with the energy and natural gas that you need. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you can choose the services provided to you by the Agera Energy company at a rate that is going to be effortless for you to afford. No longer will you need to worry about high energy rates thanks to what this company has to offer to those who sign up for an account.

The great thing about using the Agera Energy company is that they have been in business for several years and have millions of customers across 50 different states. This allows you to get better rates on the fuel oil and electricity that you are going to need without skimping on the quality of the service. You will love what Agera Energy is able to do for you and the fact that they can work with both homeowners as well as business owners using rates that are incredibly affordable no matter where the energy is going to be needed.

You can check out Agera Energy online by visiting their site or social media pages. From there, you can create an account for yourself and begin working at your own pace. You can track your energy consumption and usage so that you are able to make changes to reflect on your bill. You will also want to learn more about what this company is able to do for you by visiting their biography and checking out their careers page. There are lots of reasons to give this particular company a try for yourself and it is all about working with the right type of service provider so that you can finally get energy that you need and want for yourself. More people are making the switch to this company and are loving what thy are able to get out of it for their own needs.

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Highlights From Edwin Miranda, CEO Of KOI IXS Interview

There is no doubt that KOI IXS is a successful marketing venture. Under the management of marketing mogul Edwin Miranda, this company has met the expectations of thousands of entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. Edwin Miranda takes pride in helping businesses to build internationally recognized brands through execution of highly successful marketing strategies. The company has been in business for many years and was started by Edwin Miranda when he was 21 years old.

Originally, it was known as KOI. Over time, the company has embraced modern technologies in marketing. In recent times, Edwin Miranda has praised the idea of attribution and predictive marketing. He believes that these are technologies that can be utilized to create successful marketing strategies. With predictive marketing technology, enterprises can predict how a strategy will perform in the real market.

Edwin Miranda believes that his success as an entrepreneur is based on passion for what he does. All his strengths are directed to the growth of KOI IXS and the creation of superior marketing solutions for his clients. In the period that he has worked in marketing industry, he has been behind numerous marketing strategies that have helped businesses to build internationally recognized brands. As a marketer, he is interested in helping other businesses to attract new customers, and retain current customers through proper customer engagement methods.

Advice to other businesses

Edwin Miranda as an experienced successful businessman has something to tell other business people. Passion plays an important role in determining whether one will be successful or not. To build a successful business venture, you will need passion for what you do. You must be ready to wake up every day and do something that you love.

Miranda also believes in risk-taking as a way of helping business enterprises to succeed in what they do. It is through risk-taking that one can know what can work for them and what can’t.

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Agera Energy Eversource Overview

Electricity is a modern need everyone needs to thrive in the digital world we have seen be created around us. WIth that, finding a good energy company can still be a challenge as few options usually exist in each market. Agera Energy Eversource offers electric services to a variety of clients across the country. They have an interesting program for their energy clients to help save money. The Eversource program offered by Agera Energy can help customers reach their energy consumption goals while keeping the price set at a standard rate. The program has been hailed by some state agencies as being one of the best in the region. With that in mind, you can learn more about the overview of the Agera Energy Eversource program online.

Specifically, the firm offers a variety of energy solutions for east coast customers across over a dozen states, as well as Texas and California. The company has been in the electricity business since 2014 and continues to offer superior service for nearly half a decade! The young electric company continues to set itself apart from the competition with unique pricing plans to serve their members to the best of their abilities. You can learn more about Agera Energy Eversource online through their about us page.

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