Dr. Mark Mckenna’s Latest Business Venture

To have success says one thing. But to be able to bounce back from disaster says even more. Dr. Mark McKenna knows all about climbing back to the top of success. He has done this with many of his business ventures, especially his latest.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s journey began a long time ago when he was attending medical school. He wanted to be much like his father who ran a successful medical practice. He knew that having a profession in medicine would be fulfilling and financially rewarding. However, that was a only a promised lifestyle after a medical degree was earned. During his time at Tulane University, he noticed a shift in the medical industry. It was becoming harder for doctors to earn a living. Making money easily in medicine had changed, and the young medical student noticed this stark change.

Dr. Mark McKenna knew he wanted to live a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, he looked into doing investments on the side. He researched and settled with real estate investments. After some time, he began to see great returns on his money. He did complete medical school and worked at his father’s practice. His medical dreams had come true but the money was not as good as what he expected. Real estate gave the doctor something medicine was not giving him. The risks and the challenges of the market was more thrilling. This attracted the young doctor. This hooked him to investments that he would continue to pursue for the rest of his life.

He stayed in medicine for another five years and then he completely left the field. He began working in real estate full time. He established a successful New Orleans real estate company. But tragedy struck when Hurricane Katrina destroyed his million dollar company.

However, Dr. Mark McKenna did not get down in the face of tragedy. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he is launching OVME. OVME is a boutique style medical facility where people can have small cosmetic procedures done, as well as shop for products. This will be an on demand medical facility for patients.


Turning Back Time With Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the United States. As a matter of fact, she is certified by the Plastic surgeon Board of America. She is also a trained cosmetic surgeon who works to attain better business management. When he considers training other plastic surgeons, he tells them that plastic surgery turns time back to give you a new face. You can use plastic surgery to develop your intensive association in the industry. In this case, plastic surgery reduces your facial appearances such as wrinkles and lines. Sunburns can also be rectified y plastic surgery. In most cases, a sagging skin will often make you look angry, tired, or sad. For this reason, plastic surgery will come to your aid and give you the most sophisticated option.


Many things lead to facial sagging. Gravity, time, and sun exposure will make our face look like a tolled neck. You can also have deep cruises appearing beside your neck as a way of reducing particularly animated stress. For you to achieve better business activities, you can consider working with Dr. Jennifer Walden as the best surgeon in the world. Facelifts can counteract aging signs. This is the most prominent method used to reduce aging signs among the older people in the United States.


After performing surgery, some patients will tend to look 10 – 20 years younger than they are. In this case, you might consider working to attain better business capabilities. Rhytidectomies, also known as facelifts, work as a rejuvenation of the mid-to-lower layers of the skin to start producing living cells. Facelifts are most effective for those patients who want to:

  • Correct mid-face sagging
  • Sagging areas of fat
  • Jowls due to muscle loss
  • Deep crease between the mouth and nose
  • Deep creases under the eyes
  • Loose fat and skin under the chin