Mark Holyoake Presents an Impressive Career


Mark Holyoake did something millions of people only wish they could do. He became a professional athlete in his chosen sport. For Holyoake, gymnastics served as more than a hobby or distraction. Pursuing excellence in gymnastics competition became his top priority in life. He started gymnastics at a young age and excelled through college and beyond. Unlike other pros, however, Mark Holyoake had a plan for his life for when a sports career comes to an end. Holyoake directed his focus on the business world. He became a successful entrepreneur as a result.

“Life After Professional Athletics: Gymnast Mark Holyoake’s Entrepreneurial Achievements”; an article on Alive Newspaper talks about Holyoake’s career trajectory post-athletics has allowed him to combine previously perfected skills, an interest in fitness, the desire to help others achieve their goals, and a personal fitness-related interest.

Holyoake did have both fame and name recognition going for him. Both attributes did make him attractive to potential partners. However, name-value only lasts so long. Being a successful entrepreneur requires hard work and a lot of foresight. Mark Holyoake committed himself to his entrepreneurial ventures with the same aggressive approach he brought to gymnastics. The hard work reaped the rewards for him.

The New Zealand-born Holyoake proved that to stay focused to achieve excellence pays off. In his athletic career, he did well at the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games. He also delivered an impressive performance at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2005.

As an undergraduate, Mark Holyoake gained a degree in the field of Exercise Science. Both educational and professional experience helped him move into a career as a personal trainer. He understood a lot about nutrition and the proper way to train. He shared that knowledge with clients at Les Mills International.

With a partner, he set up a venture called the Rx Clinic, a business focusing on designing training plans for athletes. He also started running workshops at local gyms. In time, he also became involved with CrossFit and returned to competition in the CrossFit Games. His experience with CrossFit led him to devise a new venture called Carbon Method Fitness.

Mark Holyoake is someone who never slowed down after his professional career ended. The world looks forward to the new endeavors he launches in the future.


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Mark Holyoake: From Gymnastics to Gym Owner


Mark Holyoake owns a CrossFit facility in New Zealand, and he is a prime example of how other sports can merge into CrossFit. He founded Crossfit Carbon Method, which he operates with a partner, TIla Hamad. Mark Holyoake was young when he first discovered his talent for sports. He began practicing gymnastics before he was a teenager. Those skills took him to the world’s playing fields.

He qualified to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games on two occasions. In the 2006 competition, Holyoake placed 7th on the parallel bars. The bars require a gymnast to swing and move his body around and through them until the graceful and energetic dismount. Also in 2006, the team landed 8th overall, and Holyoake placed 11th as an individual in the all-around.

The first experience at the Commonwealth Games proved an inspiration to Mark Holyoake because he qualified to compete again for his country in 2010. Four years seemed to improve his nerve and skill. At this event, he placed 4th on the bars and the team event. This time he finished 22nd on the pommel horse, which would later add to his fame. The pommel horse is another gymnastic appliance, similar to the parallel bars, it sits high off the floor, but it is one solid object. The participant must continuously move around, over, and about it.

In the same year as his second Commonwealth competition, Holyoake went on to set a world record on the horse. He completed the task in front of a Guinness Book representative, so it became a documented feat. He broke the record by swinging 65 times in one minute. To show his grit, Mark Holyoake set the record in front of a crowded mall-like atmosphere.

Before heading over to CrossFit, Mark Holyoake educated himself. He has a degree in science fitness from Auckland. After graduating, he worked as a personal trainer. No doubt, his skills from the gymnastic tournaments played a large part in coaching his clients to their own goals. Coaching was natural for his personality and charisma, and Carbon Method CrossFit has become another perfect fit for Mark Holyoake. Read This Article for related information.






Mark Holyoake Making The Right Moves


Who is Mark Holyoake?

Mark Hoyoake is a New Zealand born gymnast who is world famous for his gymnastic feats.


The Early Years Of Mark Holyoake

Holyoake had an interest in sports and gymnastics since he was young; by the age of 9, he was already heavily involved in sports competitions. Holyoake not only showed dedication to gymnastics, but he also had a deep love for the sport. Mark Holyoake excelled in a number of different floor routines, and he also showed himself to be outstanding on the parallel bars, high bars and the rings.

By time Holyoake turned 10 years old, he was making a number of national development squads; these squads focus on training highly talented youth. Holyoake had a childhood that was unlike his contemporaries. Instead of going to parks and playing with friends, Holyoake spent his free time training and practicing. Even though he was highly involved in his gymnastic training, Holyoake was dedicated to his formal education as well.


The Professional Career of Mark Holyoake

Mark Holyoake was driven to excel in his studies, and he made the savvy decision to go to a prestigious college. He moved in order attend Auckland University; there, he studied Science and Sports and Exercise. While attaining his undergraduate, he continued to grow his career.

In 2005, he competed in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship; there, he placed 25th. In 2006, Holyoake competed in the Commonwealth Games and he placed 11th.


Making It To the Top

Mark Holyoake was determined to represent his country in the Olympic Games, so he decided to up his game when it came to training. He began a rigorous routine which included 30 hour per week trainings. With hard work and dedication, Holyoake was able make the New Zealand team and compete in the 2010 Olympics.

In the Olympics, Mark was able to attain high placements, and he also earned a World Record Title for his double leg rotations on the Pommel Horse.


Still In the Game

It is well known that a professional athlete’s career is highly time sensitive. The vast majority of athletes focus so much on their careers that they are not able to function or work after their careers end. That was not the case with Mark Holyoake, after retiring in 2010, he put his coaching career into motion. Knowing the ends and outs of the profession, Holyoake has been able to use his expertise to coach others in cross fit, health, fitness, diet and exercise.

Geek shared a News’s article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake Road To Entrepreneurship”. He shared how Mark Holyoake attained his incredible success by owning and running a local CrossFit gym. As a retired gymnast, Mark has moved his earlier perfected skills into a booming business that solely depends on his success in business, best assets, and experiences.


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Mark Holyoake A Standout Business Owner and Athlete from New Zealand


Mark Holyoake is a New Zealander, business owner, and world record holder. It is not every day that you meet someone with such a unique background. Do not think that all of these feats were accomplished without some sacrifice and grit.

Mark Holyoake became involved in gymnastics as a preteen. He challenged himself to learn all of the appliances. For men, the gymnastic performances cover the rings, floor, and pommel apparatus. He started to compete early on and proved to be a valuable asset to his gymnastic team.

Mark now holds a record on the pommel horse, which came after many long hours of practice. To win the honor, he finished 60 complete turns in one minute, and to make the feat even more complicated, Holyoake completed the rotations in front of a crowd of local fans. He can maintain concentration and composure in high-pressure situations.

After competing and earning a world record, Mark Holyoake moved onto personal training. He developed knowledge for training from college. Mark graduated with a degree in exercise science coupled with sports. With this education, he could lead clients in the appropriate workouts with the facts to back his words.

If they ever wanted to give up, Mark Holyoake could relay an inspiring story about a time he wanted to stop and what he did to carry on. After Mark Holyoake became skilled in working with clients, Holyoake took another turn. He is now a partner at Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. The fitness center is a CrossFit type of program. The environment gives Holyoake an opportunity to help people achieve their goals.

Holyoake is one of New Zealand’s top record-breaking athletes. He uses his bachelor’s degree and life skills to run a business that focuses on clients and health. His life story can be summed up as a child who learned quickly, which led to a college degree that turned into a passionate job.

Mark Holyoake may be humbler when he describes himself, but New Zealand, his friends and family, and his business partner and clients might say he is ambitious and committed to quality and making a lasting difference.