Dr. Richard Liu: From Dentist To Business Innovator

Born in New Hampshire, and the son of an otolaryngology specialist father and mother who was a dentist, Dr. Richard Liu grew up surrounded by medicine. It is no surprise that his career path followed a medical bent.

Richard Liu began his studies at Harvard School of Dentistry and after a successful start to his secondary education, he joined the Evergreen Dental Care practice in New Hampshire where he practiced for five years. During these years he also acted as a part-time teacher at his alma mater lecturing on restorative dentistry.

During these years at the full-service dental practice, Dr. Richard Liu was also drawn to the business aspects of medicine and dentistry. He was especially interested in the ways that technological innovations can improve the level of care that is available from the medical community.

Soon, it became obvious to Dr. Richard Liu that he wanted to pursue the venture capital side of medicine. To follow this dream, he enrolled at MIT and received his MBA from this highly esteemed institution. Following a period of time at two venture capital firms, Dr. Liu decided it was time to strike out on his own.

And so Morningside Venture Capital was born. This private equity fund was able to attract a strong management team due to the high level of success that Dr. Liu had obtained in both dentistry and investing, and because of his impeccable educational credentials. Currently, Morningside Venture Capital has investments under control totaling $1.7 billion. Find More Information Here.

As the founder and leader of the Morningside Venture Capital, Dr. Liu is responsible for the day to day transactions as well as providing the leadership and strategic guidance that is necessary for the firm t continue to grow and prosper. He advises young students to have faith in their dreams, even if it means making significant changes.


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The Inspiring Career Change by Richard Liu


Richard Liu started his career as a dentist and later moved to the entrepreneurship sector. His life began in New Hampshire with his parents, who were both in the medical profession.

Thus, Richard Liu got the motivation to continue with his mother’s line of work as a dentist. He joined Harvard University to acquire the essential skills so that he could stand out in dentistry. He put the effort in his education, and it bore fruits since he graduated with adept expertise.

He started by gaining work experience at Evergreen Dental Care in New Hampshire. Richard Liu became a master in veneers, crown restoration, dental implants, and restorative dentistry. His career thrived and flourished in ways he couldn’t imagine. He established a good rapport with his patients, and this earned him an excellent track record. Liu contributed to the community by teaching in his former university as a lecturer. The theme he focused was on restorative dentistry, and it prepared the learners for the job market.

As time went by, Richard developed a keen interest in business as a whole and how technology shaped up existing ventures. Thus, he decided to take the next step and realize his dream to be a star in the business field. He, therefore, earned an MBA from MIT, where he acquired all the competence to become an entrepreneur.

Richard Liu’s first stop was the CRT Capital, and he later joined the FTV Capital. Since he was enterprising, he had all the strategies and planned to establish his company called the Morningside Venture Capital. The proficient team he headed gathered around $1.7 billion value in investments.

As part of his story, many people get motivated that if they have a wish to change careers, it is possible. They need to take baby steps, and eventually, they will get there. The essential things are commitment and hard work for a successful transition. See This Article for additional information.


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The Career Life Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a very influential businessman who is based in Britain. At the moment, Sachedina is the head of the prestigious Jamati Institution department based in France. At this position, the successful businessman is in charge of facilitating most of the coordination that takes place in the Ismaili communities. Together with the Agha Khan Foundation, Shafik has managed to transform the lives of many people in the society. Sachedina is currently sixty-seven years ago, and he is very proud of his numerous accomplishments.

When Shafik Sachedina was born several decades ago in Tanzania, nobody had the idea that he was going to become an influential person in the world. The businessman spends his early years in this nation before he could relocate and settle in London. His dedication and hard work in studies while in London helped him to acquire a position in one of the leading universities where he specialized in Dentistry. By the time he was leaving the prestigious university, the successful businessman had received all the skills required to become a leader in the market. The medical world is not for the people who are lazy, and the Sachedina has managed to prove this to the international community. Using his expert skills in the dentistry, Sachedina has transformed the lives of many people living in the world. As a dental surgeon, the businessman believes that his most significant responsibility is to ensure that his patients’ dental health is perfect.

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Although Sachedina has practiced dentistry for a very long time, he has realized that most of the older adults, especially those who have mental problems face a lot of difficulties in the society. Sachedina has always been passionate about helping the needy people in the community, and he has chosen to assist all the people living with mental deformities. His expertise in the medical profession has assisted him to start an organization known as Sussex Healthcare as co-founder and joint chairman. Sussex Health Care was introduced into the United Kingdom more than thirty years ago. The group has been very successful in its operations, and it has given many people hope in life.

At the moment, Sussex Health Care has twenty homes that have been equipped with the essential facilities needed by people with brain deformities. The patients have access to some of the best medical professionals who focus on making sure that they are doing the right treatments. The therapies given to the patients make them get better.

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Avi Weisfogel’s Philanthropy that is meant to improve the Lives of Disadvantaged Children.

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey-based dentist practicing at the Old Bridge Dental Care, which he founded in 1999. During the 15years that he has been in the hospital, Avi has gained recognition from the locals for being the best dentist in the area. He can treat complicated oral conditions, and most doctors refer patients with such problems to him. Dr. Weisfogel’s love for education is incredible. He devotes 200 hours each year to further his studies, and has, therefore, been able to learn new methods of conducting surgical operations. Avi’s unmatchable knowledge helps him in offering the best treatment his patients and also in making his work easier.

Dr. Weisfogel is known for his significant contribution to sleep disorders research. He is one of the Dental Sleep Masters’ founders, an organization that seeks to find new methods of solving sleep problems through orally administered treatments, and he specializes in sleep apnea. The research information from the team is shared with other medical personnel in the US to ensure that they treat their patients appropriately. Being a father of six children, Avi cares and understands much about children, and this led to his support for Operation Smile.

The Operation Smile is a charity that provides free surgical operations to children and young adults suffering from oral deformations such as cleft lips and cleft palates. The organization’s campaign is supported by GoFundMe, which is a website that allows people to donate funds for different humanitarian undertakings. Avi believes that every child is entitled to proper medical care that will enable him/her to have a bright and healthy future.

Operation Smile’s quests are conducted with the support of various governments, private institutions, and medical professionals. The campaign aims at providing appropriate medical care to the highest number of children that can be attained. The organization deploys physicians and medical equipment to various developing countries, where poor children cannot afford them. Local physicians are also used to ensure that the patients receive medical care in their culture and language.

The foundation was established in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, who wanted to help disadvantaged children in the Philippines. It has currently grown into a global organization and children from more than 80 countries benefit from its philanthropic activities. Operation Smile has conducted more than 220,000 surgeries, and it is currently training medical personnel from different localities to join its workforce so as to ensure continuity.