LocationSmart is Very Smart

LocationSmart leads the industry in automated location insight for all connected electronic devices. In November of last year, this patented platform brought its worldwide monitoring services to over 90% of Canada’s mobile subscribers.

This secure network is ideal for business to business relationships. Our mobile location service platform provides continuous monitoring in real-time and includes all major network carriers and sub-carriers.

After obtaining the subscribers’ consent, businesses will be able to locate all of their connected devices without having to require permission to install software or download apps. Location Smart’s platform is trusted and secure and features carrier-grade security with comprehensive privacy controls.

Subscribers will be able to connect anywhere in the world via their electronic device which will help to lift customer experience, track devices that may be deep inside of warehouses when roaming, communicate work assignments, get up-to-date status real-time on a particular job assignment amongst many other benefits between business and customer interactions.

Mario Proietti is the founder and CEO of Location Smart. He has spearheaded the expansion of the company with new and advanced services to a number of Canadian customers who have already implemented the software successfully.

This is mainly because of its ease of use. The service has also brought about an abundance of new opportunities in International expansion as well and enables customers to explore more opportunities with new markets. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Location Smart completed a Beta program in early 2018 that is already being utilized in Canada across several industries using mobile network location services with others in the process. Over 30 million devices across Canada can securely connect to their wireless carriers. The company services Fortune 500 customers and is changing the way companies conduct business affairs.

We have a strong and extensive portfolio for privacy consent and the largest global footprint in the industry. Our Cloud location services are the leader in the market for connected devices that have local and hyper-local context-aware application development.

Cybersecurity researcher Robert Xiao discovered a vulnerability in the consent mechanism within Location Smart’s online demo. The demo was disabled and no further vulnerabilities have been found.

This vulnerability was not exploited prior to May 16th, 2018 and no customer information was obtained without their consent. As many as Two dozen subscribers were located on that day by Mr. Xiao and only after obtaining the subscriber’s permission.

Through location Smart’s platform, all data relies first and foremost on that consent be received by every subscriber and the company is dedicated and committed to continuing to improve on this technology and its efforts to ensure that no single location will be accessed without their confirmed consent.

Mario’s article How Location Services Foster Stability and Growth” explains how location-based services Can be leveraged and utilized to elevate customer service and embrace automation of the internet is a great read to expand knowledge of the company.

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