Alex Pall Talks About The Struggle For Identity in Chainsmokers Interview

According to Alex Pall, the New York based DJ who forms one-half of the hit group the Chainsmokers, it is all about the struggle to become artists. Sitting down in an interview the Interview Magazine Pall and cohort Andrew Taggart explained the uniqueness of their music. The two have been steadily gaining popularity since the release of their breakthrough single “#Selfie” in 2012. Their latest work has been stirring up quite a hornet’s nest of speculation.

Since the 2016 release of charting single “Closer” Andrew Taggart has been providing lead vocals for songs. The duo has also become more involved in songwriting, and their music now contains references to their real lives within its lyrics. As most DJ’s in the EDM spectrum create electronic soundscapes out of other people’s music, obviously this is a bit peculiar. Pall explained it as a journey of self-discovery, and an attempt to remain interesting and engaged. “People connect to a our music on a deep level” the artists explained, “And we want to be part of that”.

The duo described their formation of album concepts, explaining to Interview Magazine their process. “You feel the pressure of an album,” Pall begins, “fans want it and so does the label, but we do not want an album of 10 or 12 songs that have nothing to do with each other.” Pall continues by describing a typical DJ album, around six good songs, a few dance records, maybe an interlude, and about three actual singles. According to Pall the group has reached the point where an album should be a related body of work, illustrating who they are cohesively.

It is pretty easy to understand where Alex Pall is coming from. EDM music is mostly beautifully organized sound tapestries. DJs rely on other artists to provide vocals and words. This is why songs within the genre sound a lot alike, and why there are seven remixes of the same source material floating around. The only way to become relevant in such an atmosphere, is to poke some holes in the wall and push boundaries.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a successful DJ duo that just recently dropped a single called “Sick Boy” that reclaimed their position on top of the billboard charts. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart discuss their musical success and everything that comes along with it in a recent interview with Forbes. In 2015 they released a song called “Roses” which gave them one of their first chart topping hits, which was ultimately predated by 2014s “Selfie”. In 2016 they released Collage, followed by a Memories…Do Not Open, a full studio album released in April 2017. (Read more about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)



The Chainsmokers discuss the field of EDM music, recent Grammy wins, and the political and social climate leading up to their single “Sick Boy”. Their strong collaboration with their record label has given them a platform to market and push their sound into the mainstream and other media outlets. The Chainsmokers are poised for another breakout year, but, not without the usual challenges.


The Chainsmokers have worked tirelessly to promote and collaborate with other artists and label, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Artists like Def Jam, Halsey, Daya, Charlee, Logic, or XYLO, have all worked with the Chainsmokers on different songs and projects.


Following “Sick Boy”, the Chainsmokers have plans to release additional content and continue touring. From their humble beginnings to headlining multiple venues such as the VMAs and going on the Memories Do Not Open Tour, which was an international tour that spanned three continents.


The Chainsmokers attempt to encapsulate themes such as the obsession with social media, creative blocks, tours, musical influences, and the various pressures of performing on the road. They look to continue their upward trend in popularity and sales in 2018 and beyond. Judging from their

290 million views on YouTube, this success doesn’t seem out of reach. Find Related Information Here.