Agera Energy Welcomes Its New CFO To The Fold

Agera Energy is a five year old company that is based in Briarcliff Manor, NY. They supply homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas. They also offer customers way to be more efficient with their energy usage and get some of their energy from green sources.

They are led by Chief Executive Officer Jeremy E. Schupp and Chief Operating Officer Steven Laker.

They recently hired Geoff Duda as their new chief financial officer. He has been in the retail energy industry for a long time and so was a great fit at Agera Energy. Before joining Agera Energy he had worked for Direct Energy and KPMG.

He had been at Direct Energy for seven years prior to joining Agera Energy. At that company, he had been a vice president in charge of business development and finance.

Agera Energy’s Youtube.

Stream Energy Philanthropic Efforts to Recover Hurricane Harvey

For every economy, energy is needed to carry out day to day activities such as manufacturing, processing, and assembling. To win the market as an energy provider, you need to come up with innovative and unique ways to distribute your energy. Stream energy is one of the organizations venturing in selling power. Since its inception in 2005, stream energy has been dealing with a variety of energy plans.

Independent associates have to choose from a variety of plans. A customer is inclined to a program that suits his economic status. Some of the programs include a smart 30 thermostat plan which allows users to control their home temperature remotely using a mobile phone. The stream budget power plan allows customers to pay monthly bill which is a bit cheaper.

Stream Energy sells energy in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Georgina, Texas, and Washington DC. It has innovated renewable energy plans that are not only environmentally friendly but also reduces the cost of living.

When hurricanes occur, there is a destruction of property, loss of lives and crumbling of business activities. Hurricane Harvey across the Houston was not an exception. The flood leads to loss of many Americans and the destruction of homes. Company’s watched helplessly as lives and property were lost. Stream energy took center stage of reawakening businesses and living standard of these residents.

For this company, philanthropy is part of their co values. The company using its fund started a charity foundation known as “stream cares.” Through the foundation, the company hopes to elevate the lives of the less privileged in the community. This noble act has enabled the company to earn respect and loyalty from their clients.

The company has an adorable business model. While selling energy directly, the company pays its associate to build a network of loyal customers. The company delivers a variety of products and service ranging from mobile phone plans to fixed-rate plans.

To strengthen its acts, the company has built a stable relationship with red cross and habitat for humanity employees. The partnership of employees and corporate leaders drives charitable acts forward in their local areas. The company has been in the front line in fighting homelessness. Through efforts of company employees, they track people who are homeless and plan how to set a roof over their heads.

Agera Energy Serves Customers of All Sizes with Equal Efficiency and Focus

Agera Energy has been a renowned name in the energy industry. Based out of Briarcliff Manor, New York, the company provides electric and natural gas supply to several states within the country, along with offering energy efficiency and utility invoice audit services.

Established since 2014, the firm operates with the doctrine to make energy shopping easier for everyone. No matter if you own a small apartment or if you run a large scale enterprise, Agera Energy ensures to make the process of selecting energy solutions a breeze.

The organization is allowed to operate this way since it has been at the front and center of serving highly demanding industrial clients. Since their demands are nothing short of specific, the solutions that are created for these clients serve other customers at a micro level automatically.

And from there, Agera Energy fine tunes them to ensure that residential customers are not being subjected to the “one size fits all” approach, but that they are able to obtain solutions that are designed to be the right fit for them.

This approach ensures that the provided energy services aren’t just swift and robust, but that they are able to cater the needs of every client while also being pocket friendly.

And this is the reason why Agera Energy has been able to provide top notch services to clients, and earn high praise from them in return. If you are in need of a reliable energy supplier, then checking what Agera Energy has to offer may provide you what you are searching for.