Education and Career Growth of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is a dedicated businessman who was born on 18th March 1971 in India and later relocated to Portland, Oregon, in the United States. He attended the Lawrence School Sanawar for his earlier education and proceeded for a Bachelor’s degree and later masters in Industrial Engineering at the University of Purdue in Portland. He served as the chairman, Merger Tech, which is a global Mergers and Acquisition Advisory company that specializes in guiding Tech firms to realize the financial reason behind acquisition. Before his current position, Khanna embarked on his entrepreneurial journey back in 1998 by co-founding Saber Corp., which was a software development firm.

In 2007, he grew the company to an independent and the largest in the industry that provided state tech solutions across the United States with over $120MM of value. Khanna later made a fortune out of the company by selling it to EDS at a value of over 4x its initial value- $460 MM. He still maintained his position at EDS as the government business operations and later quit in 2011. During his service at Saber, Khanna oversaw eight mergers and acquisitions that added to his skills that enabled him to establish Merger Tech. Before joining Saber, he served various senior capacities at Oracle Corporation. Some of the mergers he led included acquisition of Serene Corporation by AST Corporation, acquisition of Springbrook by Accela, acquisition of ArcTouch by Grey, and acquisition of AppThwack by Amazon Web Services and many more others.

In 2015, Khanna worked towards legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, where he invested $100B in the venture. He established Cura Cannabis Solutions and grew it to a greater height, to being one of the largest in the industry in Portland, Oregon. Nitin Khanna invested in an Indian tech firm where he made a $5 million investment, Isos Inc., which is a software development firm, providing tools for smart attendance, security management, real-time tracking, inventory management, and cashless transactions to companies. Besides his career, Khanna creates time to develop his hobbies. He is a self-trained DJ, who had a club in Portland. He also loves wines; he invented Pinot Noir wine known as Four Handles.

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James Reese Is Doing All He Can To Help TigerSwan Grow

TigerSwan offers private security services and operates in over 50 countries around the world with hundreds of employees. It is run by CEO and former military Lt. Colonel James Reese. The company is a service-disabled and veteran-owned company that works hard for the individuals and families that use its services. It is a small business but is hoping to continue to grow and to have the loyalty of many of its customers for years to come. James Reese takes the job of being CEO of the company seriously and says that he feels a lot of responsibility for those using its services.

TigerSwan helps veterans make the transition back to civilian life by employing them and that was part of the motivation behind the company being started. James Reese knew that he wanted to create a business of some kind after retiring from the military and he came up with the plan for TigerSwan in his friend’s kitchen. James Reese has tried to hire the best people for his company so that he can run it well. He says that it hasn’t been easy to make the transition from being a leader in the military to a business leader because he can’t afford all of the people that he wants working for him but he has tried to do his best to hire those he can afford.

James Reese knows what it takes to be a good leader and has always made it a priority to listen to others. He also knows that when he is a follower, he needs to be loyal to those he is following. He founded TigerSwan in 2008 and is a great problem-solver. James Reese has worked hard to make the transition from military to civilian and the team he built for TigerSwan has helped it succeed.

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The MAGFAST Charger Family Might Be The Most Exciting Thing To Hit The World Of Mobile Device Charging Ever


MAGFAST Charger is the revolutionary company behind a family of device chargers that work wirelessly through the use of magnetic technology. The goals at MAGFAST is to provide charging solutions for the consumer public that eliminates the need to be bothered with charging cables and inevitably just end up tangled and twisted together.

At MAGFAST, the attitude is that these types of cable-based chargers are a thing of the past and the future is all about MAGFAST. The great thing about the MAGFAST Charger family of device chargers is the fact that they all work on any modern device currently on the market and they come with power banks that contain many features. Rapid charging of mobile devices without the need for any wires is here and it is here to stay. Go Here to learn more.

Back in 2013, MAGFAST Charger Chief Executive and founder Seymour Segnit created his first wireless charger as a result of his frustration with the necessity of carrying around a host of different charger cables to keep his devices going. Seymour Segnit wanted to find a solution to this issue and the invention that he created was something that he knew other people would want to use as well.

This was the way that MAGFAST Charger was born and by 2018, Seymour Segnit had created the company that is now offering the consumer public a host of great options that allow them to charge their mobile devices without the need to carry around charging cables. This is called the MAGFAST Charger family.

The MAGFAST Charger family currently consists of six different chargers that are perfect for the different situations that individuals encounter. The LifeCharger, RoadCharger, and AirCharger are three of the models available and they represent the perfect charger for different situations. It really is true that MAGFAST Charger might just be the best thing to ever happen to device charging. Click Here to learn more.


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An Overview of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms

The Grace Farms community center sits on 80 acres of land and is designed to allow people to interact freely with others. Developed by SANAA, the River Building is the centerpiece of the community center, and the firm also remodeled several existing structures on the property to serve as meeting centers.

The Center Opened in 2015 After Years of Controversy

In October 2015, Sharon Prince Grace Farms was officially opened to the public. However, it took many years of wrangling with local authorities before the center was able to be built. Community members were concerned that the structure would ruin what was one of the last pieces of unspoiled land in the New Canaan area. Generally speaking, New Canaan had been seen as a quiet town where people came to escape traffic and other pitfalls of modern life.


Everyone Would Eventually Get What They Wanted

Although the community had concerns about the project, Sharon Prince was not going to let those concerns stop her from getting what she wanted. Sharon Prince was able to create a design that would blend in with the existing natural landscape. Prince also took steps to ensure that traffic and other forms of noise were kept to a minimum.

Associating with Sharon Prince Grace Farms resulted in SANAA winning a Pritzker Prize, which is one of the top prizes in the architectural community. They were chosen to work on the project because their vision for the compound meshed with what Sharon Prince wanted. Sanaa was one of 25 architecture firms that were considered to build the River building.


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has long believed that hope is one of the most important things that a person can have. She created the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009 in an effort to bring hope to the world and use it to end human suffering in its many forms. Refer to This Article for more information.

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Building a Private Equity Firm CEO: TJ Maloney

The true gauge of success for individuals operating in investment funds is the accomplishments of the fund itself. In 1986 Lincolnshire Management was established to invest in companies that are considered in the middle market and help them to grow into larger entities. They have been very successful at this task while developing a network of resources to streamline the process of assisting the right companies in reaching their full potential. With every successful deal, they can reinforce their foundation of individuals with vast expertise that will propel the companies of the future.

Lincolnshire has well over $1.5 billion in private equity funds under management mainly operating out of their headquarters in New York. There’s also a regional location in Chicago allowing them to spearhead everything from corporate divestitures, to management buyouts. Over the last twenty-six years, many of these milestones have been reached by the same leadership.

The current CEO of Lincolnshire Management started with the company in 1993. He has played an intricate part in every action of the private equity firm, which can easily be shown as a catalyst to the long-standing success. He originally practiced securities, acquisition and merger law which he developed an immense understanding from his bachelor’s degree from Boston College; then also earning a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School. TJ Maloney has also served on the Board of Trustees at Boston College and Fordham University and is the former chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. He has also served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States and the Tilton School Board of Trustees. This prepared him for serving on over a dozen boards at Lincolnshire. Within their numerous transactions, they have worked with Credentials Services International, PADI, AMPORTS, Transcraft Corp., Kathryn Beich, Cybergenics Corp., Component InterTechnologies Inc., and Prince Sports.

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The History of Sheldon Lavin in the Management of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin grew up with the vision of becoming a highly successful person in the corporate world. He wanted to work in one of the most prominent industries in the business world today—the financial sector. He studied accounting and finance and after leaving university, landed his first job in the banking industry.

Decades later, Sheldon would become a highly successful executive, not in the banking sector, but the food industry. How did this happen? At first, he hesitated when he was offered an opportunity to work in the food industry, but would later realize the huge potential that was beckoning and decided to accept an offer from his current employer. Learn More about Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin has executed his role in making sound financial decisions on behalf of OSI Group. Since the 1970s, when he joined this company while it was still known as Otto & Sons, he has executed his mandate with great perfection.

Through his efforts, OSI Group has become a leader in the food industry. He initiated plans to diversify the operations of the company by introducing multiple clients to the company’s products. Before his entry, OSI Group was only serving one client, a status that Sheldon considered risky for the company.

From the beginning, Sheldon Lavin embraced the dreams of the founders of the company and promised to fulfill them. It is for such reasons that he never gave up even after the founders left the business in his hands. Years later, he is showing why he was the right choice to take control of the company.

Under the watch of Sheldon Lavin, the company has invested in different markets around the world. There are over 65 production facilities in 17 countries, all belonging to OSI Group.

Today, Sheldon Lavin has set his eyes on building a company that is not only successful financially, but one that shows respect to the needs of the people. OSI Group has been supporting community projects either as a company or through the various top executives. Sheldon has, in particular, been very active in matters of philanthropy. He is also focusing his eyes on achieving sustainability through environmentally sound production methods.


Paul Herdsman – Streamlining Customer Service Operations

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is based out of Jamaica and offers an array of full-service customer service business solutions. Paul has extensive experience in managing teams of outsourced customer service. His expertise is in building seamless customer service experiences and streamlining the process to help businesses run efficiently.

His inspiration in creating NICE Global was to streamline the process of customer service for businesses, improving customer retention, and helping the businesses expand without having to use an in-house staff.

As an operations manager, Paul Herdsman found that trying to manage several teams across many different countries was not an effective approach for business. Customer service organizations need to be useful, have a certain protocol, and service the business with customer retention and profitability in mind. It needs to be in one central location that is convenient with a population of customer service representatives that speak English to assist English-speaking consumers.

In selecting the location of Montego Bay, Jamaica for his business, he found a centralized place that made his job easier. He was able to observe staff operations, manage their extensive training, showcase the office with tours for potential clients, and offer on-site meetings.

The company is responsible for many roles in addition to customer service representatives. They provide inbound sales, data entry, technical support services and more to businesses. Having a full-service support team allows businesses to focus on growth and development knowing that their customers are assisted with a certain level of excellence. The company’s goal is to gain trust and develop a true partnership with the business client.

Paul’s goal is to prepare his employees for successful careers in the customer service and support industry. They also save time and money by cross-training employees and offering continuous training. Keeping employees actively engaged in the process and tied to the company’s success is key.

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Eric Lefofsky Looks To Find Ways To Treat Clients With Technology

Eric Lefofsky has been able to startup 5 successful businesses. The most popular business is Groupon. Of course, the customers love the fact that they can save money and travel to different locations. With Groupon, customers can get discounts on food, hotels, and car rentals. Eric Lefofsky has continued to work well in the community. He’s looking to help bring technology into healthcare. Eric focuses on those that suffer with cancer.

Lefofsky is the CEO of Tempus. It’s a lab that runs tests for doctors. Most tests cost about $1000-$5000. In some cases, health insurance will cover each test. If Tue test is not covered, some charities will step in and help clients with their bills. Tempus tries to make everything reasonable for their clients. Eric Lefofsky searches to find technical devices that will help discover illnesses. Most doctors agree that technology is needed whenever treating cancer. This gives more options than other procedures. Basically, clients may want to avoid surgeries. Tempus can help them find doctors that will help them. Eric Lefofsky wants his clients to try different methods of treatment. That’s why he chooses to talk to doctors that are looking for more than chemotherapy. So far, Tempus has been able to talk to several doctors that will look into technology to help their clients.

Business Consultant Luke Lazarus

Each year there are a number of people who decide to start up their own business and become an entrepreneur. There are quite a few who succeed and put together successful businesses. However, there are also many others who fail. Most people who start up a businesses will likely experience failure within five years.

While this can be quite discouraging for some, there are ways to significantly reduce the chances of it happening. One of the best options that one can use in order to make their business successful is to work with a business consultant. While there are many consultants who are available to work with, Luke Lazarus is one of the most trusted in the world.

Luke Lazarus is a former entrepreneur who spent a significant portion of his career starting up and running a variety of businesses. When he completed business school, Luke founded four businesses during the next several years. As an entrepreneur, Luke successfully built these entities into highly profitable organizations.

With steady profits, the businesses became highly valuable entities as well. After several years running his four businesses, Luke decided to sell them. He earned millions of dollars selling his businesses and became a financially independent multi millionaire.

After selling his four businesses, Luke Lazarus decided to pursue a career in consulting. He was motivated to become a consultant because he wanted to help entrepreneurs become as successful as he was.

When he started out as a consultant, Luke looked to provide his assistance with business planning, making presentations and helping businesses come up with a valid mission. With this approach, Luke has been able to provide practical guidance to every business owner looking for his assistance.

Since becoming a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has emphasized to entrepreneur clients the value of having a core mission. It is important for any business to have a main goal.

This allows them to stay committed to what they are doing and constantly work towards achieving this main objective. With a core mission, businesses will have a clear direction and have a better chance to succeed. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | Medium

Another key aspect of consulting businesses has been an emphasis in writing a good business plan. A business plan is a written pamphlet of the business.

It consists of a statement and mission, prospective customers, potential revenues and profits, the type of product or service provided and how it will market itself.

With a quality business plan, a number of entrepreneurs will have a clear guide on how they will operate, pursue their goals and attract investors.

As well as coming up with a business plan and developing a core mission statement, entrepreneurs are also going to benefit by making presentations on a regular basis.

Luke Lazarus has stated that making good presentations will enable a business to more easily sell products, attain capital from investors and also provide information about their businesses more clearly to prospective customers.

During the past few years as a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has been able to help all types of businesses achieve positive results.

His expertise has helped guide them to becoming better organizations as well as increasing their profits. Luke has also helped entrepreneurs find better ways to market themselves, develop better quality products and also provide better service to their customers as well.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

A Modern Transformation to Charging with Seymour Segnit


All users of modern day consumer electronics can relate to several aspects of using these products. However, there is one aspect above all others that frustrates users the most. The fact that devices have to come with their own chargers. Seymour Segnit is in the same boat as many consumers when it comes to finding the right charger for what he needs.

The tangling and misplacement of chargers leads to an endless frustration. The only way to change this dilemma was to create a product himself. A recent Gazette Day article describes the series of event that lead to the success of the MAGFAST Charger.

The road to a successful product is never easy and there will be pitfalls along the way. Seymour Segnit presented his first product to the public in 2013. While the product was functional, it simply did not resonate with consumers on any meaningful level. Go To This Page to learn more.

This resulted in the shutdown of operations within only a few short years. However, there were enough voices saying that he should try again. In 2017, Seymour Segnit launched a Kickstarter campaign for the MAGFAST Charger. This was a series of six products that offered a high level of variety in presentation and usability. Seymour Segnit has successfully launched the new product.

The path to success is comprised of two parts in the eyes of Seymour Segnit. It all begins with having an understanding of the consumer. He suggests learning about an issue and brainstorming a solution that is easy to understand. The second phase is marketing the product to the desired consumer. See This Page for more information.

It has to be a relatable messages, but not too overbearing that your company looks desperate. A product that has natural applications for everyday is more likely to be accepted. The MAGFAST Charger was the results of countless tests.


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