Milan Kordestani’s Many Talents Translate Into Life Goals

It was evident from a very young age that Milan Kordestani has a very strong work ethic and does not take no for an answer. For example: Milan’s love of horses began when he was ten. He was trail riding and was thrown from his horse quite badly. Many other children would develope a fear of horses. Not Mr. Kordestani, he got right back on and finished the ride.

Since that fateful ride, Milan has done impressively well in Equestrian events. In 2015 Milan won the first event of the Triple Crown with his horse, CH His Supreme Reflection. After that impressive win, Milan gained a fourth place showing at the World Championship Horse Show. Mr. Kordestani has since earned a third place showing at the third event of the Triple Crown and a second place showing at the World Championship Horse Show in the Five Point Gaited Pleasure Division. This showing is his highest ranking to date.

In addition to his love for horses, Milan also fell in love with farming. Mr. Kordestani started his own organic farm, Milan Farms, in his sophomore year of high school. Milan Farms grows Saffron, which is distributed internationally, mint, and eggs that are distributed across the west coast of the United States. Milan farms was started with the intention of being very transparent in the farms daily operations and the farming processes they use. Milan Farms is completely organic and discloses everything about their farming practices and was the first farm to grow saffron hydropnically on sponges. In 2016 Milan Farms became a tradmarked company and expanded to three farms across the West Coast including one in Colorado.

Milan Kordestani has since graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory and is now living in the San Francisco area where he attends college and freelance writes for the Huffington Post. To read more about Milan, please click here.