Who is. Eric Puller?

Eric is a venture capitalist and innovator of technology, as well as an entrepreneur. These days, Eric is busy helping other budding entrepreneurs gain funds to get their businesses off the ground. With his passion for technology, he realized that products are useless unless they are made available to a larger market, and thus his career began.

In the early days, when Eric was first starting out in 1994, word of mouth was crucial for getting products out to the public and into the marketplace. He attributes his initial success to invaluable customer service because back then his word was everything he stood for. When Eric was asked what method of advertising he uses currently, he insists that pay per click advertising is successful when targeting audiences and tracking performance.

Eric Puller enjoys networking and spends the majority of his time interviewing people to find products that are worthy of his investments. He is constantly on the lookout for new innovative products and people who are passionate about their products. Eric claims to be a great judge of character and can tell whether or not someone is pitching an idea they are passionate about. He also claims that it takes passion to make the commitment of long hours and perseverance to be successful this day and age. It is a competitive market where everyone is trying to survive and get ahead.

Due to his own passion for what he does, Eric has had a hard time delegating to his upcoming leaders and stated that passing the torch is a challenge to him because of his need to be intimately involved. However, he admits that he loves mentoring and sharing his experience with new entrepreneurs. It is inspiring to see other people who are just as passionate about technology and investing in it.

About Eric Pulier: www.amazon.com/Understanding-Enterprise-SOA-Eric-Pulier/dp/1932394591