How the Lip-Smacking Flavors and Natural Ingredients of EOS Balms Made Them a Big Hit

In the past couple of years Evolution of Smooth has become a well recognized brand name due in large part to the revolutionary lip balms it has produced. In order to compete with the leading brands existing on the market, this company decided to take some unusual steps in the creation of the balms that eventually became a big hit with the millennial generation. EOS decided to use natural ingredients in their lip balm formulas, which gave many varieties of their balms the ability to be classified as organic. They also decided to make their balms available in a variety of lip-smacking flavors with enhanced colors and fragrances.

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Evolution of Smooth’s Honeysuckle Honeydew balm combines the sweet taste sensation of luscious melon with the moisturizing properties of natural Shea butter. Classified as 95 percent organic this variety of balm is designed to keep lips smooth all day long. Summer Fruit is another pleasantly tasting balm found in the company’s line of Organic Smooth Spheres. This balm incorporates the natural flavors of blueberry, peach and strawberry into one exquisite product, browse quality products here. This balm glides on clear to provide long lasting moisture and suppleness. This EOS lip balm is enhanced with the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E.

Evolution of Smooth also has a line of Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres designed to help soften the appearance of rough, dry lips. The enticing combination of ingredients found in the company’s vanilla mint balm are designed to help condition lips, while also nourishing them with vitamins C and E. The EOS Blackberry Nectar variety is also enriched with the nourishing properties of vitamins C and E as well as with the conditioning properties of Shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Classified as being 99 percent natural, the balms available in the EOS line of Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres are also paraben free.

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