Whitney Wolfe Gets Married In a Ceremonial Event at the Coast

Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder and the founder of Bumble recently got married in a private ceremony. The serial entrepreneur is now a wife to the famous tech mogul Michael Herd who hails from Texas. The couple exchanged vows at Villa Treville, located in Positano in Amalfi Italy. The beautiful wedding arena was eye catching with Whitney adorning a breathtaking Oscar De La Renta gown in the coastal area. The couple received extended congratulatory messages from friends as well as family.


Whitney Wolfe is an admired American entrepreneur whose works have greatly impacted on dating sites. Having worked for Tinder as the co-founder, Whitney Wolfe garnered massive experience as a leader and a team manager. Whitney’s contribution to Tinder was short lived. She quit establish Bumble, a social media dating site that connect couples. From the divorced, the divorced, single and even for people who are just looking for a relationship, Whitney Wolfe has manage to establish a strong platform for them.

Early Life

Whitney was raised in a loving family that values the significance of relationships. Growing up in Utah, she went to the Southern Methodist University and majored in international studies. As a student, Whitney established a business at the young age of 19. She sold bamboo tote bags. This was a huge project because it helped the less fortunate in the society. Having garnered entrepreneurial experience from the project, Wolfe went on to form a business with Patrick Aufdenkamp. The not for profit firm was known as Help Us Project. The bags contributed to the positive review of Whitney’s impact in the society. Receiving attention from prominent people like Rachel Zoe as well as Nicole Richie, Whitney was set to soar high in business.

Career Growth and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe graduated college and moved to Southeast Asia. Here, she worked with orphanages. She was passionate about working with people for the betterment of the society. She then joined Hatch Labs. The project was terminated under the manager’s watch. Being visionary, Whitney delved into a solo entrepreneurial journey. She formed Tinder and later Bumble, the project she is currently famous for establishing.


Bumble is a dating site that connects people. This is Whitney’s baby and major successful project. The most intriguing feature in Bumble is the fact that women initiate the conversation. Whitney established the platform on the basis of allowing women to feel empowered by being in charge. She is a dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about building women’s self esteem.

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Fabletics Value for Money Assured to the Customers, Always

The competition in just about any field has been increasing at a rapid pace, and it is more so in the case of the fashion world. People these days have endless options to shop fashion apparels, online and offline. Also, there are countless brands to choose from. It has become difficult for the fashion brands to reach out to their audience and make a mark in the fashion industry without leveraging on the interaction they have with the customers on various social media platforms. The reviews and feedback from the customers play a significant role. It is what Fabletics, one of the leading athleisure brands in the market, does to gain customer loyalty and increase customer retention.


Fabletics has been customer centric from the time it opened doors to the public. It has also used technology to its advantage and ensured that it could gather relevant data from the sales and marketing department to know what customers like and dislikes about the brand and its products. It is what has helped in refining the product line offered by the company and ensure that Fabletics can dominate the athleisure market in a very short span of time. Fabletics believes that in a consumer based industry, it is essential to give importance to the customer service as well as value their feedback. It is why every review and feedback is taken seriously by the company and acted upon to ensure that the end users are happy and satisfied with the products and services offered by Fabletics.


Fabletics started in the year 2013 and just a few years has managed to not only give major competitors a tough run for the money but has also multiplied its revenue stream by over 200 percent to nearly $235 million. The company has a million paying subscribers, which showcases the trust the customers have on the brand. By ensuring that the brand is focused on delivering what the customers are looking for, the company has been able to manage the customers’ interest for the brand consistently. It has helped with increasing the brand awareness as well as customers’ loyalty towards the brand. Fabletics has focused on delivering value to the customers from the very beginning, and it is what has also helped with ensuring that the customers leave a positive review for the brand.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners of Fabletics has also helped in redefining the marketing strategy of the company and helped with its overall success. Kate Hudson is an internationally acclaimed actress and is highly popular among the target audience of the enterprise. Her beauty and fitness have inspired many to stay fit and elegant, which is what Fabletics stand for as well. The company offers a highly personalized shopping experience that is definitely fun, exciting, and at the same time, highly convenient. For people who are busy with their lives yet do not want to compromise on their fashion quotient, taking up the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site is definitely a good idea.

The Many Benefits & Flavors of EOS Lip Balms

Lip balms are some of the popular and convenient products on the market today. For practical purposes these small cylindrical shaped items gets the job done fast and effectively especially when used on a regular basis. Brand such as Blistex, Chapstick, and Burt’s Bees have dominated the scene for quite some time, but there’s a new king of the hill and it’s known as “Evolution of Smooth.” This New York City based brand gives the user extraordinary benefits thanks to it’s organic make-up. Yes. (EOS) is 95% organic and it hydrates and heal sore chapped lips very effectively.

This eclectic brand has some of the best flavors as well, which includes strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, blackberry nectar, passion fruit, summer fruit, vanilla mint, vanilla bean, and numerous others. Another great thing about the flavors is that they are subtle and isn’t too sweet. Passion Fruit is a best seller with it’s sweet tropical taste. Your lips will feel like they’re in heaven after a simple swipe across the lips. Other benefits included are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Naturally Moisturizes
  • Has No Side Effects
  • And more

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Evolution of Smooth has come along way in it’s short lifespan. As of today it is the #1 selling lip balm on the market. The brand sells over 1 Million units per week, every week. Some of the most famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato has been seen applying the products on a regular basis. Evolution of Smooth is changing the face of the lip balm industry as it is setting new standards, raising the bar much higher than before, and it’s changing the status quo for the better.  Better head to walmart.ca for added details.

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