Empiricus Has A Reputation For Releasing Bold But Also Accurate Reports On The Brazilian Capital Markets Sector


The first thing that might catch the eye of any visitor who enters the headquarters of São Paulo-based investment analysis house Empiricus is the twenty-centimeter figure of the Incredible Hulk that sits on the firm’s 11th story office space in the city’s Itaim Bibi region. The truth is that this famed superhero is probably the calmest and softspoken individual in the room at a firm that is known for taking a different approach to producing investment reports. The firm is quite proud of the unique reports that it produces. These reports might not be for the faint of heart, but they are respected for their accuracy. This attitude has been fostered by the Empiricus founding partner Caio Mesquita. See Related Link for more information


The truth is that once all joking is put aside, Empiricus has built up the well-earned reputation as being the most original analysis firm in the country when it comes to the topic of capital markets. The company garners a lot of attention from the way that its unique reports are presented, but the truth is that there is a lot of substance in these reports.


They might take shots at companies and their supposed projections for economic success, but the reality is that Empiricus has been onto something for a while now and the firm’s track record is self-explanatory about the knowledge that exists within its walls. Empiricus releases a daily newsletter that makes use of the firm’s diligent research. This newsletter has become massively successful and its subscriber base is growing all the time.


There are currently 120 thousand individuals subscribed to the unique newsletter known as the “5 Minute Market”. There are currently some 25 thousand new subscribers that are signing up for this unique publication monthly. This is a real testament to the fact that Empiricus is doing some important work regarding today’s financial markets. The reality is that people subscribe to the Empiricus newsletter due to the firm’s reputation as a fearless outlet for truth in its analysis. The willingness to publish accurate analysis in the face of opposition has gained this firm a lot of respect and a lot of fans.


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